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Thread: The Noah/Deluge story and IndoEuropeans

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    The Noah/Deluge story and IndoEuropeans

    The tale of the deluge has been of great interest for historians and archeologists since modern science began.

    There are several theories, one being that those events were the filling of the Black Sea with Mediterranean water.
    But the most convincing for me are those that talk about periods of abundant rains in the early fluvial civilizations.

    The most likely candidate is the one that happened in Mesopotamia, 2900 BC. By the way, this happened in the midst of a period of unstability, of chaos and losing of written records.

    But I don't want to talk about the archeology of a flood. I want to talk about the story, the characters and possible human consequences to this flood.

    You see, the central character of this story is a guy called 'Noah', that puts his family and their animals in a boat and sails until they reach a safe place. Tradition says this happened around the Caucasus.

    But I wanna focus in the timing, and one aspect of the tale. I said that some archeologists, and I personally believe that this happened around 2900 BC. And also the story says that a They're 'the only survivors in the world', of course this is an exageration. But of course there has to be deaths(a lot actually), and people that repopulates the world.

    After visiting the R1b page here on Eupedia, and seeing that there was population flow from the Steppes to Western Europe until 2500 BC.

    I launch the question: Is there a possibility that someone descended from a survivor of the flood, some of those 'sons' of Noah(whatever they were), and their wives are fathers or mothers of some clades of M-269/L-23?

    Of particular interest for me is that son that the Bible calls Jafet, since Sem and Ham seem to have stayed in the Middle East. But Jafet never appears again.

    Ans I say all of this because is rare that a people that is technologically and civilizationally superior to substitute all the males in Europe, appears on their complete own.

    For me the most likely explanation is that geography, near the Fertile Crescent, plays a role in making you a more advanced society.
    I don't believe in civilizations that came out of nowhere.

    Since bronze started to be used at the beginning of civilization, when writting was created in Sumeria. And it appeared in the Middle East. The first bronze sword comes from the Caucasus Maykop culture.
    There is previous connection between the 2 regions.

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    Check out my thread on this topic:

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