FTT SNP index

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The FTT SNP index lists experimental SNPs discovered by realigning NGS data to the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium's complete (but still work-in-progress) assembly of a human Y chromosome from NA24385, an Ashkenazi male belonging to Y-DNA haplogroup J1-M267. Using this assembly allows for discovery of phylogenetically informative SNPs in regions of the Y chromosome where the current official human reference genome (GRCh38) is incomplete or problematic, like parts of the Centromere and DYZ19. These SNPs have been named by Family Tree DNA as they have been considered for experimental inclusion to the Y chromosome haplotree.
Please note that these SNPs may not be mappable to the latest stable version of the human reference genome (GRCh38) due to incompleteness or inaccuracies of that assembly. Positions are therefore provided relative to the CP086569.1 chrY contig and official human reference genome positions will be provided at a future date, when the SNPs can be confidently mapped to an official human reference genome. These SNPs may change or be invalidated by future updates and discoveries.