Yet again another great group of peoples, particularly civilization, that seems to come from Bronze Age population turnovers.We already had the IndoEuropeans, Semitics and the Bantus. But Chinese seem to have evolved in the BA, the basics of the social structure and religions that have been in place until a couple of centuries ago. say this after reading this article. In the first lines they already say that a site in NW China(2000 BC) had all Y-DNA being haplogroup O3(the one that more than half of Chinese have today).Whereas 1000 years later, in the heartland of Chinese civilization, the Great Plain between the 2 rivers. Q Haplogroup still dominated.The point I'm trying to make, O3 seems to have spread from a convenient location near the place where bronze technology came into China. Also, at the same time the IndoEuropean nomads were expanding in Central Asia.