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Anadolska hipoteza postoji već neko vrijeme, niste samo vi iznijeli na vidjelo. Sve dok i ako ne pronađemo arheološke, genetske i lingvističke dokaze o migracijama ljudi koji govore IE kroz Anadoliju, bit će diskreditirano.
I think the Kurgan hypothesis has a lot of bigger problems. We need evidence showing the percentage of steppe impurities and steppe mtDNA on the ancient J2b members we have. Take the Greek example. According to Eupedija, J2b in Greece is a possible consequence of the migration of members from Kura Araxes to the west. In that case, there is a possibility, and when I say that J2b could have arrived in Albania in the same way, then that is nonsense. Maciamo Hay must first agree with himself what the possibility is. On the haplogroup page J2b he wrote several possibilities. For the Western Balkans, J2b (Y22069) wrote that this was due to the founder effect because his TMRCA was very young (900). This means that the increased concentration of j2b in the Western Balkans is due to the effect of the founders. It has not even been proven where the haplogroup J2b comes from. Some say in the Caucasus, and some in the Balkans. Everything written on eupedija is just hypotheses. Based on only one sample of J2b from Croatia that is old (1700-1500 BC) and contains 30% steppe admixtures and 15% eastern hunter-gatherer, and he had with him one woman who had steppe mtDNA, Maciamo Hay immediately concluded that all Croatian samples of J2b were from the steppe. This is crazy, total nonsense !