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Thread: Use of pictures and emojis can signal less power and authority

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    Use of pictures and emojis can signal less power and authority

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    Just more psychobabble, I think.

    I personally use pictures as a teaching aid (frustrated teacher, I guess), or to be helpful to those who may not be conversant with the material. Emojis are helpful to make it clear something is meant as a joke, not an attack, or to signal agreement. You need people skills to be really successful, and one of them is to not unnecessarily piss people off.

    Never, ever been accused of lacking confidence. Rather the contrary; I've often been told that in arguments I can come across as arrogant. I'm sorry about that, but I don't suffer fools gladly, unless they're useful in some minor way. I guess I used up all my patience with my children. Don't have any left for idiots, especially malevolent ones.

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    I don't like to use emoji.But I can't call myself a confident person

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