the metric analysis I posted, metrics, so to be taken with a taste of salt. And the 'anatolian-like' elements may as well be of western EEF (or CTC EEF) or transcaucasus 'anatolianlike' in a mix, and the 'robust-archaic' elements can hide EHG and WHG (TRB partial component) in these Steppic tribes. The question is: 1- metrics (and typology) doesn't always check allover genetics 2- the last tribes of Steppes were no more the same as the Eneolithic ones. 3- the CHG-like component may have introgressed Streppes two times, the first one, pure western CHG, the last one, more "iranlike". Concerning language, it complicates things; the datings of pre-proto-I-E are of importance, I think, spite the most often proposed dates for PIE and the languages stated in S-E Caspian regions and south Caucasus at those times doesn't point to an IE origin there; but have we all the clues? High level cultural influences are not always followed by language transmission.