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The Northern Model work just fine for Southern Italy

Southern Italians can be modelled in such a way, yes, but I don't believe it's accurate. The additional Natufian admixture in them points towards assimilation of a population that wasn't like the Minoans/Mycenaeans who both lacked that component in excess of their Neolithic Anatolian. We know that Greek city-states in Magna Graecia were quite large, and the interconnected nature of the Hellenic world at that time means it's quite likely the region absorbed Greek immigrants from across the entire Eastern Mediterranean. This of course would include mainland Greece, but also places like the Aegean islands, Cyprus, Asia Minor, Egypt and coastal Syria. Naturally, the genetics of Southern Italy would have been quite cosmopolitan as a result, and probably more akin to modern Greek island populations than Mycenaeans by the time the Romans conquered and assimilated them.

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