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Thread: Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingjohn View Post
    maybe davidski knows
    as he is the man who usually
    do this stuff
    Several samples from this study have already been included among those available in the MTA database, like the ones that appear to me among my top 125. Soon it will be very likely that they will be available on other genealogy sites, I believe.

    2. Late Roman Era Miroico Portugal
    420 AD - Genetic Distance: 7.675 - R10506
    10. Dark Ages Palazzo della Cancelleria Italy
    465 AD - Genetic Distance: 9.778 - R1223
    22. Medieval Monte da Nora Portugal
    780 AD - Genetic Distance: 10.4 - R10494
    57. Late Roman Era Miroico Portugal
    340 AD - Genetic Distance: 11.48 - R10508
    62. Migration Era Grave Hassleben Thuringia Germany
    450 AD - Genetic Distance: 11.62 - R11873
    93. Imperial Rome Urbino Bivio
    221 AD - Genetic Distance: 12.27 - R1556
    96. Imperial Rome Urbino Bivio
    221 AD - Genetic Distance: 12.29 - R1557
    105. Elite Female Grave Hassleben Thuringia Germany
    450 AD - Genetic Distance: 12.42 - R11867
    108. Imperial Roman Era Isola Sacra
    200 AD - Genetic Distance: 12.45 - R11121
    121. Byzantine Era Chhim Lebanon
    550 AD - Genetic Distance: 12.7 - R3476

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    Quote Originally Posted by mount123 View Post
    R2040 Sisak-Pogorelec, Croatia 245-402 calCE: J2b-L283>>>CTS190>CTS473 (CTS473?)

    Gardun (Tilurium), Croatia 431-600.5 calCE: J2b-L283>>Z38240>Z38241>FT103684>FTA60432>FTA61140 (<->Y268072)

    Gardun (Tilurium), Croatia 550-601 calCE: J2b-L283>>Z631>Z1043>>FT212328+(xY146109)

    Doclea, Montenegro 211-320.5 calCE: J2b-L283>>Z631>Z1043

    Doclea, Montenegro 996.5-1150.5 calCE: J2b-L283>>>CTS6190

    Viminacium, Serbia 129.5-310.5 calCE: J2b-L283>>Z1295>Y21878>CTS11100>CTS8364 (xBY37860)

    Svilos/Krusevlje, Serbia 236-332 calCE: J2b-L283>Z600 (J-Z585<?<J-Z2507)
    Wondering if any of these will be uploaded to Yfull or are in the process of being uploaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingjohn View Post
    I want to congratulate my friend principe
    It turn by pribislav anlaysis that
    R11109 individual belong to j-y15245 ( this principe branch )
    that is so cool

    R11109; 1-400 AD; Isola_Sacra, Italy; J2a-M67>Y4036>Z467>L210>Y4034>Z482>Y15222>Y15245 (xFT178189,Z30390,FT360326,FT70962)

    Source paper:

    Maybe it will be uploaded to yfull soon

    i hope azurro / principe reading this
    i asked theytree to upload this ancient roman brother of yours
    to there tree
    ancestery :
    mostly western jewish here is the overlapp with south europe[U]

    "Know where you came from and where you are going."

    Direct paternal line : mizrahi from damascus

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    If he was buried at Isola Sacra he may very well not have been a local.

    Non si fa il proprio dovere perchè qualcuno ci dica grazie, lo si fa per principio, per se stessi, per la propria dignità. Oriana Fallaci

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