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Thread: Genome-wide data from medieval German Jews. Preprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menachem View Post
    I think this clearly shows there was a Khazar-contribution. There's more on Eurogenes, but the levels of Siberian are far too high to be explained by Eastern European admixture (unless there was some secret medieval Finnic kingdom in Central Europe). Two groups of Jews, the Zarphatic (ie French Jews) and the Ashkenazic (ie Steppe Jews) merging. Explains why some Ashkenazim are so light too.
    Why Khazar and not pre-Khazar?

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    Target Distance Polish Sephardic_Jew
    Ashkenazi_Poland 0.01003676 16.6 83.4
    Ashkenazi_Ukraine 0.01030672 18.8 81.2
    Ashkenazi_Russia 0.01525090 19.4 80.6
    Ashkenazi_Germany 0.01579246 10.2 89.8
    Ashkenazi_Lithuania 0.01726847 17.8 82.2
    Ashkenazi_Belarussia 0.01758130 18.8 81.2
    Average 0.01437277 16.9 83.1

    Pre Slavic Ashkenazi Jews seem to be pretty much like Sephardic Jews.

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    Given it's only about 500 years ago, the best test to use would be IBD analysis.

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