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Thread: I-YSC0000261 West Prussia

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    I-YSC0000261 West Prussia

    Hello and good day to all. My Y-DNA haplogroup is I-YSC0000261, downstream from I-Z140. It seems like this haplogroup is more typical of West Germanic England/Netherlands but also occurs elsewhere in Europe. My paternal family immigrated to Minnesota in 1882 from Berent in West Prussia near Danzig (they were German speaking Lutherans) where they lived since the 1700s before which point the paper trail dies. Anybody else on here on this part of the I1 tree? I would like to know the deeper origins of my family line since West Prussia was settled later by Germans from other parts of Germany.

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    I can't tell you the " deep " origins of your background, but it's definitely in the area you spoke of. Im also I-YSC0000261 and my paternal line goes back to Westphalia, Germany and my paper trail begins in the late 1600s to the present day. I'd say its more of a north sea germanic line, so encompassing Netherlands, Germany, some danes and England. In this case, your family likely came from north west germany, perhaps the Nederlander/German area and immigrated to the Danzig.

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