Corded Ware = Bell Beaker Steppe (56.4% WSH / 27.7% EEF / 14.7% WHG)

  • The real heirs of the traditional Corded Ware culture roamed around Switzerland and are identical to the steppe-typed Bell Beakers. All other Corded Ware samples are either literally dead to half alife or are identical to the Finno-Slavic Yamnaya cluster.

Bell Beaker (45.0% WSH / 40.0% EEF / 13.5% WHG)

  • Intermediate between Proto-Bell Beakers from Iberia and Corded Ware from Switzerland (otherwise known as Bell_Beaker_Steppe, found all over Northern Europe).

Bell Beaker Iberia (proto)
(70.0% EEF/ 23.2% WHG / 6.6% WSH)

  • People who introduced Bell Beaker phenotype into Europe and were mostly of EEF type. This is perhaps how the Basques came into being.