In this thread I will post autosomal results of Slovincians (a.k.a. Leba Kashubs) from the village of Kluki:

In total there will be a sample size of at least n=3, but today the first person's results became available.

Slovincians are a sub-ethnic group, considered a subgroup of Kashubs, native to the Slovincian coast:

About the Slavs of former Provinz Pommern:


Map of the Slovincian coast region compared to the pre-war Polish-German border (highlighted red color):

Pre-war & modern Poland's border and the Slovincian coast region located in pre-1945 German Pommern:

Slovincian coast with the locations of Leba (Lebsko) Lake, Gardno Lake and the village of Kluki (Klucken):