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Thread: Haplogroup Y resulta JPF4838

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    Haplogroup Y resulta JPF4838

    Good morning,
    Finally i have updated my Y STR results and showed me im JPF4838. Im a little bit Lost. Being from Spain, how old is this Haplogroup? and also which migration pattern represents?

    Thanks in advance

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    In other post you said it was haplogroup j-l283.
    This clade descends from Jews, that until their expulsion in 1492, had a very large community in Spain.
    Don't know if you tried to know cousins in FamilyTreeDNA, but if this is similar to other lineages, you will find Jewish matches(from Poland, Belarus... that now may live in Israel or the USA) as well as people of Latinoamerican descent that converted to Catholicism and stayed in the Hispanosphere.

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