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Thread: L3e5a case in roman period lipari island sicily

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    L3e5a case in roman period lipari island sicily

    Paleogenetic analysis and radiocarbon dating on skeletal remains from the Roman necropolis of Contrada Diana (Lipari Island, Sicily)


    Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, is located in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. Archeological evidence suggests an early human occupation starting from the Neolithic period. The island, favored by its volcanic history, was an important crossroads of cultures and commerce exchanges during prehistory up to Greek and Roman dominations. In this study, we present multidisciplinary analysis results on four skeletal remains from the necropolis of Contrada Diana attributed to the Roman period. By using Next Generation Sequencing technology we identified the biological sex and reconstructed the complete mitochondrial genome for two individuals. We retrieved the first ancient L3e5a lineage that is today present only in North and Central Africa. In addition, a 14C dating of 2,030 ± 45 years BP was obtained for one individual. A previous ancient DNA study has highlighted a genetic link between Sicily and the African continent at least from the Bronze Age. Our results, documenting the existence of contacts between Lipari and Africa during Roman influence, are particularly relevant to better understand the peopling of the Aeolian Archipelago when the island was a sea route of primary importance for the trade in the Mediterranean.


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    Interesting clade. So this clade lives in both North africa and Central africa today and was present in the roman period sicily. It was maybe in North Africa also in the Roman period. Not just in Sicily.
    Herodotus did mention that Aethiopians existing in North Africa. Looks like it was true.

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