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Thread: Dutche offered diamonds in mail

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    Dutch residents offered diamonds in mail

    BBC News : Diamonds binned in junk-mail error

    Thousands of Dutch residents have been rummaging through their dustbins in a diamond rush after a jeweller's anniversary mail-shot was largely ignored as junk mail.

    The diamonds sent out by Johan de Boer were smaller than this
    Jeweller Johan de Boer in the eastern Dutch town of Apeldoorn, sent real and fake diamonds to 4,000 of his clients - telling them they could keep the real ones.

    He couldn't sleep last night after his promotional effort backfired.

    Amsterdam is famous for its diamond-cutting industry but it is most unusual for clients to receive real stones as a Christmas gifts from their retailers.

    So most of Mr De Boer's clients didn't take him seriously when he mailed them stones to mark the 10th anniversary of his jewellery store.


    It cost him 48,000 euros ($60,000) to send out 200 envelopes containing a small diamond - the rest with zirconia - a cheap diamond look-alike used in costume jewellery.

    The letters asked the clients to bring the stone into the shop - if it was a real diamond, they could keep it.

    Only 35 people turned up. After calling some of his clients, Mr De Boer realised most had thrown the envelopes away without even opening them.

    He told a newspaper he had been very naive and regretted it.

    No doubt many of his clients regretted dumping the envelopes as well.

    By the way, I saw a necklace in De Boer's shop in Takashimaya Nihombashi that was for sale at the modest price of 28 million yen (about 250.000 US$) for the male Tokyoite out there who are still wondering what to offer their girlfriend for Christmas.

    (and let's hope she doesn't sell it back to a friend for 100.000yen after that, thinking she is making a good deal )
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