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Thread: Barenboim Project to 'strip' Beethoven

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    Barenboim Project to 'strip' Beethoven

    The 32 piano sonatas that Beethoven composed between 1799 and 1824, including some of his most recognized works like the "Moonlight" and "Appassionata" sonatas, are often considered among the German composer's finest and most personal musical achievements.

    Piano teacher and moving force behind the upcoming "Barenboim Project," Miyako Nakaya Lotto relaxes at home (above) and with the conductor-pianist maestro himself (below) KEN KAWASHIMA PHOTO; PHOTO COURTESY OF MIYAKO NAKAYA LOTTO

    But according to Miyoko Nakaya Lotto, a veteran piano teacher at New York University and the Manhattan School of Music, there's a problem with a lot of the Beethoven music we hear today.
    Japan Times

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    Why should there be a definitive version? Music (all music) invokes different emotions in different people--thus we have different interpretations that appeal to different people. Even Beethoven himself would have played the pieces differently at different times.

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