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Thread: You're Dead!! Oh No!! Now What??

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    Gag me with a spoon
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    Country: United_States

    I've got plans.

    1) If I have no immediate familia, I will be cremeted.
    2) If I have a familia, children, the whole bunch, I want to be buried deep in the wood of the vast forests of northern CA, in an undisclosed spot. I want a small plaque with a silly photo of myself, so that my potential loved ones may laugh instead of weep when they see it. The plaque will be a type of memorial on the forest floor, next to a tree of my choosing in life. I also want it marked with a prop base and prop sword thrusting into it.

    The epitaph will read "Svarvalim ljusfhiem, del noor a Elenian Ancalima."

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    Look who's back! Hachiko's Avatar
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    Where will YOU find me...

    I want to be buried in a secluded place, a peaceful one, where heaven, bliss, and happiness meet, under a tree, on hill in a valley/meadow...yeah...

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    Regular Member -Yu-'s Avatar
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    This subject reminds me of what my dad said to me, he started talking about what he wants people to do with his body after his death, such as putting his ashes in some cheap beer bottle and throw it from some clif to the ocean in Ireland, he doesn't wanna be somewhere normal people go after death. When he was talking about it, I was playing some game and then he said " this game sound may be suitable for my funeral, it's not bad". I felt not playing that game any more. It's funny to hear what people want others to do with theor corpses.

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    FIGHTING FOR JPOP Dutch Baka's Avatar
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    just put my body under the ground... i remembered i saw a James bond movie, were he was in a coffin almost being burned, this scared me so much that i decided not to get burned... i want to be burried in a nice quite park, were i will be fishing before i die a lot, to think about death...

    the rest of my body.. well parts of it i will donate... i dont want all parts, because i think i will need them in the future

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    DON'T PANIC! Tsuyoiko's Avatar
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    Country: United Kingdom

    I want to be cremated for the same reason you want to be buried Dutch! If I'm not really dead then it will soon be over, whereas if you are buried it might be ages before you suffocate! It reminds me of an episode of Tales of the Unexpected I saw when I was a kid. This woman was in prison and wanted to escape. She made a deal with the janitor. He said if she could get to the morgue and hide in a coffin with a dead body, he would let her when he was helping the undertaker load the bodies. Well she got in a coffin, but she was in there for ages and got fed up waiting. So she lit a match to see who the body was - it was the janitor!

    I want the doctors to butcher me for anything remotely useful, burn the rest and scatter my ashes on top of Glastonbury Tor. I hope a bit of me ends up in someone's eye, and if the hippies up there want to smoke a bit of me in a spliff then that's OK too. Simon wants to be thrown in the wheelie bin with his legs sticking out.

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