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Thread: Viewers Say Goodbye to Long-Time 'Friends'

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    Viewers Say Goodbye to Long-Time 'Friends'

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Have you seen the one with the monkey? The one where Ross and Rachel take a break? Or the one where Joey moves out?

    Reuters Photo

    AP Photo

    If all this means anything to you, you've probably watched the show that started out as "Six of One" and later called itself "Insomnia Cafe" and "Across the Hall" before settling on the title Americans, and millions of others around the globe, have come to know and love over the last decade -- "Friends."

    Since its Sept. 22, 1994, debut, "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate" (every episode title starts "The One"), "Friends" has ranked consistently among the top 10 shows on U.S. television, becoming an integral element of pop culture in the process.

    But now, after 236 episodes, the show about six friends who share space in one another's apartments and meet for coffee at "Central Perk," a mythical Manhattan cafe, will conclude its 10-season run with a one-hour retrospective and one-hour final episode on May 6.
    Japan Times

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    yeahhhhh...right on my birthday !!!
    Azuki togu ka, hito totte kuo ka, shoki shoki〜♪

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    I have to admit, since coming to Japan I've hired numerous Friends videos.... I didn't really watch it in NZ, but I like to hire some English videos every week and now I've gone through all the Friends videos in the store - but they only have it up to season 7 I think. Clever, funny show :)

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