Nature 9% to 27% of deaths in Europe caused by pollution


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BBC News: EU says one in eight deaths is linked to pollution, according to a new report by the EU's environment agency (EEA).

"It found that a total of 630,000 premature deaths in the EU were attributable to environmental factors in 2012, the latest year for which data is available.

Air pollution contributed to 400,000 annual deaths, with noise pollution being an attributable factor in 12,000. The remaining deaths were linked to extreme weather such as heatwaves."
"The EU report noted "clear differences" between Eastern and Western Europe.

"The burden of environmental disease is unevenly spread across Europe," it said. "The percentage of deaths attributable to environmental factors [ranges] from a low of 9% in Norway and Iceland to 23% in Albania and 27% in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

In the EU, the highest environmental contribution to mortality is seen in Romania at 19%. Other hard-hit countries include Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

In the UK, meanwhile, around 12% of deaths are said to be linked to environmental pollution.

"Socially deprived communities typically struggle under a triple burden of poverty, poor quality environments and ill health," the EEA report said.

"Eastern Europe and south-eastern Europe are both poorer and more polluted than the rest of Europe, with particulate matter emitted from the burning of solid fuel for residential heating and cooking," it added."


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