admixtools2 TUTORIAL for WINDOWS.

How do you fix this? Unable to run any admixtools command, get this error. Have it on both computers I tried installing rstudio.

> fst(prefix, pop1 = "Armenian.DG", pop2 = c("French.DG", "English.DG", "Spanish.DG", "Russian.DG", "Polish.DG", "Sardinian.DG", "Hungarian.DG", "Basque.DG", "Greek_1.DG", "Estonian.DG", "Finnish.DG", "Orcadian.DG", "Bulgarian.DG", "Italian_North.DG", "Norwegian.DG", "Icelandic.DG", "Cretan.DG"))
ℹ Reading precomputed data for 18 populations...
Error in read_f2(dir, pops, pops2, type = type, remove_na = remove_na, :
block_lengths file not found. Please run extract_f2() again, as the file format has recently changed.

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