Advice needed R1b1a2a1a2a1b3~2

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Hi all, I am new to all of this. I have been researching my family tree on my fathers side for some time, he was part of what we thought were a Romany family they married into many other Romany families in the UK. It is a pretty large family and it goes a fair way back, just by looking at names etc you can tell they are travellers names with lots of documentation of their travels, then over a couple of generations some Lords and Barons appear, so I am unsure if the tree is correct in this area. There has always been talk within the family that we originated from France possibly with a connection to Royalty although I know this may well be gossip. Having spoke to another researcher he seemed to think that the Romani people that originated in India were J2 or Hia mine is r1b1a2a1a2a1b-3 so now I am wondering if my family line are true Romani or not, many of our family are olive skinned with dark hair. I would like to learn more about my forefathers but unsure of the next steps to take, any advice would be great.

Morley DNA gave me the same Haplo. Looks like its an older version of other haplogroup but I might be wrong. Do you have a Gedmatch kit?
Hello, recently I used MorleyDNA haplogroup predictor and got the exact same classification as most likely. Do you have any information on this haplogroup? Since this is one of the only relevant posts I saw after googling it. And can I also see your test results if available? Thanks

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