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Anyone know where and what the “Wailing Wall” is?
Right, so that means it's a very old Jewish site in Jerusalem which is Israel?

(You can guess this is gong somewhere! )
No. The UK Advertising Standards Agency are trying to claim that The Western Wall isn't in Israel. All part of the present attempts to discredit a legitimate nation by a nation of illegitimacy.

There's something rotten about the UK at present. Something that needs rooting out.
A form of idolatry in the same way as the Ka'abah. What is this agency and where do they claim it to be?
Beh. The only real solution for those countries would be a federation. But all in all, it's time to let go of the support of Israel. They don't give a damn about what the position is from the western world towards their actions in Palestine. They know the US will back them up almost whatever they do. It might be a legitimate state, but hey, the Palestinians have just grievances and right to a country of their own. The nature of the conflict, history and the geography of the region only gives a federation with Jerusalem as a common capital as a real solution. But it's all in Israels hands. I don't cry for them not getting to show their wall on an ad. Stop building settlements, and withdraw from the previous ones on Palestinian lands, then I might feel they make an effort. Until then, Israel have little sympathy from my side.

Technically it is in Palestine, but I agree that this ad issue is silly.

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