Blue eyes in Altaian Kazakhs


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I was watching a documentary about Altaian Kazakhs,about their hunting customs.
I was surprised to notice to some of the males Altaian Kazakhs blue eyes.
What is the source of blue eyes at these people?
Are another Asian people with blue eyes,besides these Altaians ?
Which are Turkic speakers.
Since I know there are some Ugrian speaking populations that have blue eyes.
It is believed by many that blond element was very common in R1a tribes of East Europe and West Asia. R1a had a very dominant position in this region from way back when and had a very strong influence over many Asian tribes. There is some blondism visible among Mongolians too, and down south in Afghanistan.
Lebrok 's answer makes sense - and let's keep in mind a great percentage of today Turkic speaking populations are of I-Ean steppic half-nomads origin (with a dominant Y-R1a % at some time) - the Turkomans (the Osmanli Turcs were frequently brown haired, sometimes blonds with blue eyes) are for me Iranic nomads turkicized
Osmanlı turks are Anatolian descend probably Trojan they nothing do with iranians

your are speaking of them when they were already settled in Anatolia but before?
your version is not what I red - I 'll go to check my sources to by sure... I shall apologize if I am wrong -
"see" (or read you) you again

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