C hapl means you're lonely and like open spaces?


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I realized something while thinking about Haplogroup C.
And is that the carriers of that hapl are always found in a specifical kind of environment, a vast prairy.

Hapl C peaks in Mongols and Australian aboriginals. And both seem to live in the limits of the "inhabited world".
They also have very low density populations and prefer large places where they can hunt, gather and herd.

If you go to the Paloelithic and check for the people who inhabited Europe & Japan. Both seem like the border of the world, outside the main population centers in Africa, the MidEast & India/Indochina.
And I don't think they were very inhabited either.

This should be taken with a grain of salt, bacause this is an hypothesis that should be tested looking into the personality of people of different haplogroups.
Besides, it would be foolish to assume that an Haplogroup can predict your personality since it doesn't take into account the rest of your admixture, epigenetics ore the manifestation of different genes within each brother or generation...

But I have this clue that these men may have a particular characteristic that make them different from the main branch of men.
Particularly of R, O and Q. Known for settling en masse over massive swaths of land.

Apart from the obvious fact that this trait is an human trait that can arise under many circunstances aside from archaic ancestry.

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