Civilization VII

I loved Civilization II and played it a lot in the late 90s. Another Sid Meier game I loved and still play occasionally is Alpha Centauri. I doubt the franchise has anything new to offer but better graphics.
I have also played the game since Civilization I. My favourite is Civ IV, especially with the Mod 'Realism Invictus'. I was disappointed by the gameplay in Civ V and VI and almost didn't play them as a result.

Sid Meier's Colonization is also great.
I've had great times with 1-5 but the 6th was just too visually unappealing to really engage me. I had started playing Total War games instead.

I loved modding Civ IV, I also used that mod; as well as adjusting the scaling of the units, etc. I really enjoyed the vassal system from that game.

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