Danish Submarine Inventor Update

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Oh my god. I followed this story a couple of months ago when it happened because it was so horrifying, but it seems to be even more horrifying the
more details surface:

LINK: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/new...ading-videos-in-submarine-inventor-s-10062528

COPENHAGEN: Danish inventor Peter Madsen is accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his homemade submarine.

This case is so disturbing because of how "successful" this Peter Madsen was in many criteria. He was a rocket engineer, a famous inventor,
wealthy. "Civillized" etc. Yet the depraved nature of his crime negates all of it. All his worldly success and genius does not redeem him.

Should we keep this in mind not only for individuals but for societies as well? Can societies be reduced to GDP and growth by any means necessary?

I think this is why we need even more humanities and social subjects in universities (which are unfortunately disappearing with more and more
only technical universities popping up). All the technological ability and genius without a soul will mean nothing for civillization. I think all the members
on here that love Europe and the world should remember this.

What is completely sick is how some people are responding to this. Especially keeping in mind how depraved this murder was!!!:

"Celebrated Danish author Jens Christian Grøndahl, commenting on a photo of Wall on Madsen’s submarine, said, “It’s never the woman’s fault if a man decides to attack her. But, that said . . . well, when I look at the picture of the victim, the way she has let herself be photographed, the look she gives the camera . . . I can’t help but think that this is a girl who’s looking for trouble.”

LINK: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/c...r-trial-starts-in-denmark?mbid=social_twitter

This is the perfect example for me of how "Might" does NOT make right.

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