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There's an observation I've made regarding the Y-DNA haplogroup tree, and the maps of their presence in different parts of the world.

As you may know, A and B were the first of all in appearing, and their presence is restricted to Africa(with the exception of a Paleolithic incursion into Europe as the archeological record shows).

Then, DE branches off. E stays in Africa, but is D the one I want to focus on.
D has a very odd distribution, it only exists in 3 remote places in Asia: Japan, Tíbet and Andaman.
Tíbet is 4000 m high near the Himalayas. Japan and Andaman are 2 archipelagoes far away from the main route heading to Insulindia/Australia. Very narrow islands indeed, unlike other vast places. Which don't really seem to head nowhere, rather than being isolated places of difficult access.

The pattern here is obvious, haplogroup D only exists in refugia far away among themselves. Which leads me to hypothesize that D once populated the places in Asia which today are painted as a vacuum between Japan and the Himalayas(where D is) in the haplogroup's map.
It did so as the first population of Homo Sapiens out of Africa, together with E in Africa I guess. Clearing off the terrain.

My hypothesis continues with the next significant branch off the trunk of the tree, haplogroup C. A type I already identified as a lonely haplogroup of hunters (& gatherers) that like to stay on the edges of where others are, in vast swaths of land. ( )

The most likely explanation is that they, together with F* I suppose, started populating the areas in between, surely from Siberia(between Mongolia, Kazakhstan, C present location). Maybe also through a southern 2nd route(the out of Africa route to Australia we all have seen in maps)
If you look closely, you will realize that C nowadays lives in Mongolia and Australia. Which draw a straight line from China, the place that separates present locations of D.

After that ""F""( F is actually more than a single letter, it's a lot of HPs) branches off among from C. And their inmediate subtypes G, H, I and J go on populating all the rest of the world
Those are actually a lot of different types, each populating their specific regions, at their specific ages(or maybe at the same).

Then comes paragroup K, which has N & O populating the places around where C was(where I think C was, maybe that was populated by F*). L & T penetrating in those where G,H,I,J were. MS going into Insulindia. And P dominating the Steppe and the Americas.
New info.
I just remembered to have read that Tibetan and Japanese D diverged like 53000 years ago.

So that is the date I give for C(accompanied by F), to populate the vast landmass among those 2 places.

Also to populate all the way from Africa to East Asia. Namely the MENA and South Asia regions.

I'm thinking that F subtypes, very common in that region, all appear like 50,000 years ago.
G, H & IJ.

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