Different eye shapes across Europe.


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How do eye shapes differ as you travel across Europe? I saw this thread elsewhere and I thought it was a good discussion.

I'm particularly interested in the difference between eye shape across Northern and Southern Europe.
I think it is difficult to see homogenous big regions in Europe, for the eyes shape as for other features
in North, the so called 'nordic' type has commonly not too open eyelids, horizontal considering their corners, with a tendencie to develop with age an external falling eye fold - the iris is middle or even small
but some of them I suppose they have some 'brünn' affinities present broad and very low eyelids, with a very straight inferior eyelid coming up towards the external side, as the external corner - possibly because their eyes-sockets are larger they seams not developping a too heavy eye fold- their iris is very large too - this kind of eye is present sometimes among Slavs but seams more frequent among Finns and Balts -
curiously, this two types of eyes shape seams present also in Southern Europe but the ones with the external coming upwards eyelids do not seam to me having either a so narrow eye aperture or a so straight down eyelid or so big irises...
maybe these tendencies could be linked to a more precise 'cromagnon' vs a more precise 'brünn-combecapelle' remote origin??? it is going very far and I confess I did not study these details in a scientifical way. Maybe I shall do some day
Southern Europeans tend to have more oval shaped eyes, I've noticed. Oval shaped and larger.
the most of the Finns, some Scandinavians and Central Eastern europeans have what I depicted just above:
broad eyelids, but not very open, external corners going up, an inferior eyelid straight and going up - I said yet the possible origin - these features give the eyes a pseudo "mongoloid" aspect (untrue) -
when southern or middle-eastern people have eyelids going up this way, they nevertheless have more open eyes apertures -
Nordics (classical) have more open eyes, as other people -
a remarked some very high open, but not broad open eyes among some North-Africans (and Italians) with at the contrary external eyelids corners sloping down very abruptly, but it is rare - what origin? I don't know!
'alpine' phenotypical people have very open eyes, not broad too, giving them a very "rounded" eye look -
It is a pity that french anthropologists (and others) didn't pay too much attention to these details (as ears forms, eyebrows, teeth etc...)
THese details of anatomy, not submitted to natural selection, could have allowed some ligneages distinctions,;

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