Dismayed Americans consider move to Canada after Bush win


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BBC News : US vote boosts interest in Canada

Canadian immigration officials said the number of US citizens visiting their website went up six-fold the day after the US election.
Their website, which on an average day has some 20,000 hits, was visited by 115,016 on Wednesday, Reuters news agency reported.

The figure dropped on Thursday but was still higher than normal, at 65,803.

There was speculation that Democrats fed up with George W Bush's win were thinking of moving over the border.

Hundreds of Canadians have also signed up to a satirical website urging them to do their bit and marry an American.

"Open your heart, and your home. Marry an American," AFP news agency quotes www.marryanamerican.ca as saying.

"Legions of Canadians have already pledged to sacrifice their singlehood to save their southern neighbours from four more years of cowboy conservatism."

"Let's face it, we have a population of little over 32 million and we definitely need permanent residents to come to Canada," she was quoted by Reuters as saying.
Canada could find itself attracting more gay couples from the US after a Saskatchewan court ruled in favour of homosexual marriages on Friday.

That is not as good as having the Kerry states leaving the USA and join Canada, but that is a good start. :p

Do you think they would grant you the status of 'political refugee' in Japan (or anywhere else) ?
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Maciamo said:
BBC News : US vote boosts interest in Canada

That is not as good as having the Bush states leaving the USA and join Canada, but that is a good start. :p

Pardon me, but **** that. We don't want Bush states part of us. We are a largely liberal country, our Prime Minister is Liberal. That won't work, neither is it a good idea. This idea is about the only one I would consider. It's not even funny to joke about passing off the redneck states to us.. Thanks but no thanks.. Heh.
King of Tokyo said:
Pardon me, but **** that. We don't want Bush states part of us.

Sorry, mistyped. I meant Kerry's states of course. :bluush:
Maciamo said:
Sorry, mistyped. I meant Kerry's states of course. :bluush:

Oh, Ok then. It just seemed like you were saying no one really cares about Canada so why don't we just throw Bush in there and let them suffer.. Heh.. I'm a little touchy when it comes to Canada.. Proud to be Canadian.. And I get offended really easy if I think someone is insulting it.. But, good to know it was just a typo.. Heh.
Well, I live in a state that voted Bush, and I am not a redneck, KoT. I am a liberal who voted for Kerry. I kind of resent those comments. You need to stop and think that not everyone in the 'Bush' states voted for Bush. I believe in my state, the popular vote was something like 56% for Bush and 44% for Kerry. So, there are a lot of people who live in this state who supported Kerry and are probably very sickened by the way things turned out.

My stepdad and I were talking yesterday about how we would love to move. He was saying his fantasy was that my husband would get transferred to Canada or somewhere in Europe and we could all move with him and get out of this place.
kirei_na_me said:
My stepdad and I were talking yesterday about how we would love to move. He was saying his fantasy was that my husband would get transferred to Canada or somewhere in Europe and we could all move with him and get out of this place.

Funny you didn't even mention Japan. That would be easier for the visas, but I understand that there are other issues (Japanese schools for the kids being what spring to mind).
I think it's fine if people want to move to Canada. People are people. I'd welcome them to Canada, but I'd put people with refugee status or from a harsher background before them. If they feel that Canada is a better place for them, then that's their choice.

But that's what I think.

Here's what I wrote in another thread on the subject. It's the first time I've spoken about the election results and I don't have the energy to write about it again, so I'll just copy it here....

I was really hoping that Moore's list of "positve things" would make me feel better, but it hasn't. Most Liberals have been silent since the election. This is my first post since last Tuesday. There's no fight left in me. I'm tired of being angry everytime I watch the news. There's nothing to say anymore. It's all been talked out. I'm just in complete disbelief and sadness. I haven't been this saddened by an event in the news since 9/11. I fear for the next four years and I fear for America's place in the world. I just hope Bush can get us through the next four years without doing any more damage.

To our members from the rest of the world... all I can say is try to keep in mind that nearly half of the country voted for Kerry. Small consolation I know. That means that half of America is just as angry as you.

For anyone who reads this and would like to argue with me about it, I will give no response. This post isn't for you, it's for the people who feel lost and concerned about the world's ability to get along as one.

So, what do I do now? My first thought was to move to Canada or New Zealand or something, throw my beer mug at the TV screen, and punch the friend who was trying to console me. But, after I cooled down I realized that if all the Liberals leave America, the Conservatives will have nothing stopping them from doing whatever the hell they want.

The thing that made this the hardest for me I guess is that I never allowed the thought to occur to me that Bush might actually win. I thought for sure it would be Kerry because to me he seemed like the obviously right choice and I wanted to have faith that the rest of the country would see that as well. Kerry's ideas seemed so rational. How could anyone not want this for our country, I thought.

Anyone who said Bush could still win, I just dismissed as being pessimistic. The first moment I ever thought otherwise was while watching the election results, and it hit me, "My God. Kerry might not win." I wish I'd prepared myself for this or at least considered it a possibility.

I'm so sad, so worried for the future, so ashamed of the message that's being sent to the rest of the world. I just feel like crawling into a hole. I think it will take many months for most Liberals to recover from this, but after that, I think most of them will realize that we're just going to have to fight even harder for what we believe in in the future. Give up or fight?
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Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen still haven't left...
I'm interested in seeing the actual America>Canada migration statistic a year from now.

It's going to be just like Alec Baldwin; all blow and no go.

The level of crybaby whining following this election is just astounding. "You big meanies! We're gonna take our ball and move to Canada!"

Yeah....if you can't win or at least have your way, just leave the game. Nice mature attitude. And one which goes a long way toward showing just how much better off the country is with people like that not running it.
I don't actually think they'll be a big migration from the US to Canada. It's just that a lot of folks were probably upset and considered moving but really have no intentions of doing so. I can't count how many times I swore I was moving to Canada.
I think many people really would move to Canada, if it was not so costly and inconvenient in their current position to just get up and leave. I do think that the migration to Canada will go up significantly though, just not as much as it would be if everyone who said they were coming actually did. And coming to Canada wouldn't be really leaving and not getting your way, because we have a very liberal government (And I predict this will be true for a while) so in a sense they would be getting their way. And the republicans will be happy with a sissy-liberal-free and GW dictated country, as he runs their country into the ground. Oh and on a side note, I think you should give Alec time.. Heh. It's only been three-four days, that's hardly enough time to move. Unless you're packing light.

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