Donald Trump - the biggest pro Israeli minister of US


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According to Netanjahu US president Donald Trump is the most loyal president to Israel and it's allies based on the last speech when the two minister met.
Donald Trump even said that his politic will be focused on to reorganize the Israeli and US policy and will use it's way to protect the needs of Israel.
Other than the usual fear mongering against the Palestinian terrorists and it's leaders who teach hate speech against Israel, guess the Palestinians can be called anti-Semitic, right?
There's been also statements made by Trump that he'll ally with Israel to make a more strict sanction against Iran's policy as it doesn't consider Israel as a real state and supports terrorist organizations.

We have to consider that Donald Trump after being elected as the actual US president has registered a new law which disallows certain nations to get VISA and Iran has been included on the list along with other "conquered" nations such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq.
In response the "Muslim ban" Iran's considered to change US dollar as the official currency to trade with foreign nations. - This is what Iraq and Libya intended to try before the US and French forces attacked the nations.

President Donald Trump been accused of racism and hate speech before the past, but none of his acts even showed signals to be any kind of anti-Semitic, ignoring that his daughter married a Jewish real estate businessmen and converted to Judaism.
he didn't agree on new settlements on the west bank, but Nethanyahu will act as if he did

the worst part is that during the press conference after his meeting with Trump Nethanyahu claimed that Judea was land for the Jews because it was so in biblical times
that is plain zionist-fascist rethoric
he could as well have said 'wir brauchen Lebensraum'
I think the policy is also partly a reaction to the unintended consequences of absorbing the West Bank. Given that the birth rate among the Arabs is so much higher than among Jews, the very nature of Israel as a Jewish state is in peril. Seeding the West Bank with settlements composed of ultra-Orthodox Jews who also have many children could be seen by some as redressing the problem.

Not all Israelis support the policy. I don't even think all members of Likud support it. It's partly a function of the multi-party system in Israel. The major parties don't get enough support to form a government on their own, so they have to turn to the small parties, usually ultra-Orthodox, fanatical parties dedicated to this policy. It's also why a mainly secular group of people are hemmed in by extremely stringent religious laws that cover so many aspects of Israeli life.

It's a mess however you look at it.
According to Netanjahu US president Donald Trump is the most loyal president to Israel and it's allies based on the last speech when the two minister met.
I don't see Trump's behaviour toward Israel as an act of loyalty. If I understand him correctly he just passed the ball to Netanjahu, freeing himself from the responsibility for the Middle East confict. Just like:
"I can't force my solutions on the people in that region, they have to find the way out of the conflict by themselves!"

Contrary to the believe of many people that the new president of the USA is completely nuts, I think he is the most rational one in foreign politics for the last several decades. He isn't very interested in foreign politics other than "what's in for me?", so he tries to keep the problems at distance. Everybody may solve his own problems, America is not the arbitrator of everything going wrong on this world.

The two-state solution of Israel and Palaestina is a fairy tale which died on May 15th, 1948. Ever since this day the parties moved farther and farther away from the solution, the events since this date can't be undone, the consequences are irreparable. Almost 70 years later the 'western' world still believes in this nonsense, a clear sign of delusional disorder among the politicians. It needs a Donald Dumb to break this wall of ignorance, that's the embarrassing fact.

The 'muslim ban' is another decision which I would place on the 'positives' column of his young presidency and has nothing to do with Israel friendship+muslim hate. The Obama administration themselves chose those countries as high risk countries of possible terror against the USA in the nearest future. Trump's problem now is that he has shattered too much glass during his election campaign against the whole intelligence apparatus and the cooperation with the security staff inherited from the Obama administration isn't working well either. The ISIL wants to hurt America and the chances are no better than in times like this. A three months moratorium for entry of people of possibly dangerous states is a good time frame to sort security related issues out and build a network that can ensure security of the country. Nothing wrong with this except the 'optics'. I remember a president in 2001, who did not care about a security concept until something happened...
Trump was most likely put under pressure from the Globalists to support Israel, Israel is a key globalist puppet nation that funds ISIS and the Syrian rebels in the region.

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