Early depiction of Jesus

We already have solid representatives of the Ancient Levant in modern Druze, Samaritans, and Palestinians. Not one passes as Italians.

Do you know what your say?
You gets very fast to conclusions: there are in all the Mediterranea (lands, not sea) a percentage of people who could pass among all the above mentioned people, if this is not the most frequent types there - I think in some Samaritans by instance. Nothing of these pops are strictly homogenous and they propose several profiles, inside their general and vague "southern" appearance
No offense to anyone, but I red so much weird things in this thread.
Red hairs are less seldom among Askhenaze Jews than among the most of Europe, OK. Red hairs can be caused by a lot of mutations (7, I think, 3 very common among red hairs, for the most in Northern Europe), I don't know the distribution of these mutations among Jews - But can we say Askenaze as a whole are light haired and light eyed and very light skinned? No, SPITE the relatively high % of red hairs - I know a lot of pops with as a mean less red haired men but more light skinned men.
oir the present question (supposed look of Jesus), today Askenaze Jews are a mix of a lot of populations and there supposed earlier population of origin is only an element in their DNA making, even if this element is surely heavy enough - On plottings of diverse systems, they plot between Southern Italians, Chypriots and Greeks - and this supposed source population (I see myself in Near-East, evidently) was already a mixed one, where roughly said Natufians and Anatolian people were the basis, enriched later by people from Iran AND even later (MLBA, I think) by people from Caucasus, even North Caucasus. At the look level, you cannot cluster completely pops of Palestine with pops of the Lebanon, neighbours however -
So, too much unknown elements for me in this question concerning the depictation of Jesus; this post is just to try to show the numerous obstacles I see here.
Ashkenazi Jews are overwhelmingly related to the males of the Levant but Ashkenazi females carry mostly MTDNA from Greeks/Italians.


Ashkenazi males are more related to Palestinians than European males:


Nobody knows much about the mtDNA really, anybody claiming they can pinpoint it beyond broad regions is a liar. The Y DNA is about 90% Middle Eastern though, which would suggest European-like admixture on the female side, but when that took place and with what population is mostly unknown (other than that population must have not had much WHG, so it can't have been modern "Whites", and that combined with Ashkenazi pigmentation puts a Southern European origin of Ashkenazi "European-ness" very much into question). Personally, I think a Kura-Araxes source of this Euro-ness is most likely, and that Jews managed to preserve this ancestry well. Alternatively, it could be down to the Philistines, however I'd expect them to have significant WHG if they were ultimately Beaker-derived.

I love this example, so consider Ramses II and his red hair and pale skin (and much older Ancient Egyptians too, but he is best preserved). Where could that have come from, admixture with modern Europeans? What about King David, surely the most significant probably at least partly real figure in Jewish mythology, who was a redhead? And the plenty of other redheaded folk in the Bible - of course, they all looked Palestinian, I mean it's obviously hair dye right? These redheads described probably looked like this fellow, look how strong he is in his swarthiness, how brave! Having pale skin is oppressive. And forget about that Chalcolithic study that showed pale skin and blue eyes in the Middle East, the Middle East has always been brown and only dumb Nazi White supremacists claim otherwise, especially the "Nordicists [who edit the Wikipedia pages]" *ahem Angela*.

Lol. The average Palestinian does not look like your pic.

As for Ramesess 2, he had light skin and red hair in his youth.

So where did ancient Egyptians originate? From the Middle East of course. Just about every last Haplogroup taken from Egyptian mummies originated in the Middle East. According to the DNA taken from the Abusir el Meleq mummies, they had light skin, dark hair and eyes:

In fact, ancient Egyptians would have resembled the pic of Palestinians I put up. Modern Jewish groups are related to Palestinians and other peoples of Israel, like the Samaritans.
As for red hair and blue eyes amongst Jews. THERE ARE PLENTY OF INDIGENOUS MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE WHO HAVE RED AND BLONDE HAIR. They are NOT Europeans:



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