Egyptian Ancient Dna from the Old and Middle Kingdoms

MTree: Modern Egyptian sample and Djehutynakht, U5b2b5:

Nubian Christian Period samples:

"Ten individuals from both cemeteries belong to mtDNA haplogroup U5b2b5, though they also exhibit three additional mutations not typically found in members of this haplogroup. One of these mutations was detected in a 4,000-year-old mummy from Deir el-Bersha, Egypt also assigned to this haplogroup [Djehutynakht], raising the possibility that the presence of U5b2b5 at Kulubnarti reflects deep connections with Egypt”

- Sirak et al. 2021, Social stratification without genetic differentiation at the site of Kulubnarti in Christian Period Nubia
Ancient U5b2b5 samples:

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MTree: Modern Egyptian sample and Djehutynakht, U5b2b5:
While U5b2b5a2 might have entered North Africa during BA, uncertainties about mtDNA nodes datation are quite broad.
Thus, there is still a little space for U5b2b5a2 to have entered north Africa during Neolithic (similarly to what we have for R-V88 male lineage).

But most likely is indeed an arrival in North Africa related to Bell-Beakers.

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