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I think what we must notice
is not so much the left to right or oposite
rather the Euroscepticism that is raising,
in both far left, and far right,
parties that tend to ultra nationalism, or the oposite to ultra internationalism, and citizens of the world,
carry a lot of anti-EU feelings

I am waiting to see the results in my country,
to see if Euroscepticism is a fashion costume, so someone 'wear' it to be elected,
or deeper, an antiEU 'seed' that is growing.
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Konfederacja / Confederacy (Poland's right-wing party) was predicted to have gained 6% of the vote yesterday after exit polls, but today new results after counting 95% of all votes suggest they got just 4.5%, which is not enough to surpass the 5% election threshold:

PiS (Law and Justice) is only conservative or right-wing socially, but is not really that right-wing economically, at least not compared to Konfederacja.

Apparently only three parties have made it, with Law and Justice securing a firm victory over KE (Koalicja Europejska, European Coalition).



I just realized the website Angela linked counts Law and Justice as far right (lol) and its main opposition KE as conservative, which is funny really.

If Law and Justice is far right then what is Konfederacja? :)

Koalicja Europejska (KE) is centrist for our standards, not right-wing. It is liberal-conservative, for our standards (local standards is what matters).
These are exit polls from yesterday:

KE - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Coalition_(Poland)#Composition
Wiosna (Spring) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_(political_party)#Ideology
Konfederacja - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederation_(political_alliance)#European_Parliament
Kukiz'15 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukiz'15



But it seems that PiS in fact got ca. 46% of the vote, which is record high support for any political party in any elections in Poland since 1989.

Apparently the difference between KE and PiS is much larger than predicted yesterday, it will be ca. 7-8% more votes for PiS (not just 3%).

Konfederacja will probably not make it over the 5% election threshold despite yesterday's polls suggesting 6%.
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the new composition of EUparliament

View attachment 11106

also here


Another thing that must be noticed is the turnover



considering that Belgium reach 80% cause it is 'forced obligation'
and generally the able to vote 'voters body' is about 75% of the written, an average depend on the country, weather conditions, season etc
EU shows about 50 % a percentage that is not morally accepted for democracy
and especially some countries where the voters are 30 % of the voting body. 70% turnout !!!!
surely we speak about plasmatic results,
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By the way:

Poland state budget in year 2014 - 284 billion, and budget deficit 29 billion
Poland state budget in year 2018 - 380 billion, and budget deficit 10 billion

And this despite social programs to promote higher birthrates. Mainly because Law and Justice destroyed corruption and grey economy.

So no surprise, that support for them among the society is only increasing.
Interesting that the right-pull did not affect Germany to the same extent. Among 18-29 yos the Afd is at a mere 6% - if you restrict it to West Germany it is even less.
the most funny think in my country
is that 'general' of the Prespes treaty a strong member of radical left, which origins were in communistic ideology
and the one who signed such treaty, ignoring the millions who took part in demostrations,
and showing a fasistic presumptuous stance, calling the Makedonians=Fasists,

Now blaimes his party for conceited behavour,

for the record, one the main factors radical left 'drawn' is Prespes treaty,
at least in Makedonia drops above >12% appearing differnces with central right (poular right) of 15%
and also a rise of Nationalistic parties above 12% (major 2,one tends to ultra, almost nationalsoliastic, the other tends to patriotic)

Notice about 1/3 of young bellow 25 years supported patriotic parties.
the battle in the younger ones is called with funny a the batlle among
the Makedonia famous vs the Bella ciao

the ex-communist, who thought he could restart the civil war, the main responsible for the tartaric depth of left and central left,
who blaimes the others for arrogance, presumptuus, conceited!!!!! how typical
a typical bad communist, from those that from fat and luxury, can not walk,

That happens when instead of dialogue with people.
you ignore them, and call them fasists,
ignoring the millions

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again, half of the elected for EU parliament are those who are on retirement or on the retreat in national politics
the main problem is the high pensions those parliamentaries get
Interesting that the right-pull did not affect Germany to the same extent. Among 18-29 yos the Afd is at a mere 6% - if you restrict it to West Germany it is even less.

nowhere in europe nationalism is as unpopular as in germany. and maybe because there was no green party on the right so everyone who wanted to vote green had to go for left parties.
in countries like france and italy it could be that the young people, who vote more left and green, voted less than in germany, so the old ones had more influence. i think this is just a short symptom in the next few elections the right parties will have less and less votes.

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