Immigration European court for Human rights and Sharoia law in Greece


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Greece is a country that has a recognised Muslim minority by 1920's decade treaties with Ottoman empire in Thrace.

Majority of them are muslimized local Thracians called Pomaks,

According the treaty Sharia law is allowed in their villages and communities,
As long no crime is commited.

The case was just a simple, ordinary solution for a heritage,

A legacy according the Greek civil law written by a notorius and advocats
and a legacy according Sharia law by a muslim faith holyman/priest.

on one side the widow of the dead
on the other the sisters of the dead,

on primary and second degree Greek courts gave right to the widow, by giving right to Greek civil law
the third degree court (ultimate) gave right to the sisters using the sharia law which after the treaties of recognition of Thrace Muslim communities at 1920's

For the the widow went European council of human rights,

The result is clear,
the European council condemned Greek 3rd degree court for taking Sharia law of the community as primary law for desicion,

SO the question is simple,
could Sharia law be above state law?
even in recognised communities?
OR the oposite?

and can a faith/religion lawyer/judge be above a notorius or the oposite?

for those who want to know more,

[video] n[/video]
I think it is quite clear.
2 parties that have an argument can agree to apoint a judge who is not a judge appointed by the state, but e.g. accept the judgment of a judge who is based on sharia.
If one of the 2 parties does not agree on sharia law, or any other law, than state law and state courts will decide.
But I can imagine in some Muslim neighbourhoods there is strong pressure to accept sharia law.
And if Muslims can get voting majority, they will try to replace state law by sharia law.
IMO sharia law can not be neutral, as Islam does not accept seperation between state and religion.
A state that allows sharia law is giving up their own sovereignity.
They recognize Islam as a religion, but I don't think they recognize whatever is bringing with her. As long as you live in a foreign country you must be aligned with that country's system of justice, no matter what you are believing in.
They recognize Islam as a religion, but I don't think they recognize whatever is bringing with her.

Sorry, but I don't get your point. Yetos has made a statment which could be support with source.

There are active islamic courts in Greece, so it is not something you can ignore by saying I don't think.


I guess the main point is that Lausanne Minority Right section is out of date. Should be dismiss for Turkey and Greece

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