Geneva II Peace Conference - Syria Civil War


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On 22nd January 2014, peace conference is planned to be held between Syrian government and opposition groups in Geneva. This conference hopefully will be a solution to the crisis and could end the civil war. It is planned to establish a transitional government until the elections.

Lakhdar Brahimi, United Nations peace envoy to Syria, is the head of this conference had relations with both Syrian regime and opposition and also with Russia, USA and China. Instead of miltary solution he is aming to end this conflict with political one. The main problem according to him is the fragmentation of opposition groups and bringing them together under one entity.

Syria's opposition National Coalition and Syrian Regime headed by Bashar al-Assad will be the main actors of the conference. SNC specifies that the reigme is still behaving violently against civilians.

Following many innocent civilian deaths and genocides, hopefully this conflict can end peacefully and Whatever the problem between nations states or the groups in Syria, it is unacceptable to see them watching civilians being killed and doing nothing for two years. Lastly, Syria had been accused of torturing and executing their own citizens.

Total 31 countries including the USA, Turkey, China, Russia, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia and some international organizations like United Nations and European Union will participate in peace talks.
This conference will be a solution to nothing. And Turkey and Saudi Arabia are one of the main Reason for that. How can this conference be any solution if the Kurdish side, one of the major players in this conflict are not allowed into the conference?

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US government (disappointed that they give up to pressure of these two countries) reject a Kurdish delegation in Geneva. They want to have a discussion about the future of Syria with a Dictator and Salafists only. They want to decide the future of Syria without giving the other groups even a voice. Basically they want to impose a second Lausanne on us.

So no this will not be any solution to the crises. And the major reason for that is basically one and the same Turkey and Saudi Arabia which have flooded Syria with Salafists of Al Qaida from the beginning on.

How is that going to work? Are you going to pretend that the Kurds, who control almost the entire North, don't exist? If you reject one of the major powers of the Syrian conflict, you can't talk about "solution" of the crises.

There are currently three reasons why the Middle East is so messed up. Let me list them for you: Riad, Ankara and Teheran. These are the major obstacles for any peaceful solution in any region of this part of the world.
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