Genomelink’s global ancestry - XGMix algorithm for deeper DNA analysis


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Genomelink’s global ancestry (New): Uses the XGMix algorithm for deeper DNA analysis (at the Chromosome level) that shows how the ancestry breaks down at the chromosome level and also shows the overalls ethnicity estimate. Backed by Carlos D. Bustamante, Alexander Ioanidis, Razib Khan.


My overall ethnicities




chromosome level (examples of 4 out of 16 ethnicities displayed for me):





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Hello Duarte,

My Northwestern Europe admixtures should be around 30%, all calculators indicate, more or less, this value.
Genomelink says that my main admixture is from Northwestern Europe with 52%, what is an exaggeration.
I haven't tried Genomelink's global ancestry (New), it's not free, and I don't know if the values would be similar or different, but I don't think they would vary much from that value.

Hi Tautalus.
I think this is a kind of Eurogenes K36 in the Genomelink style. In this case it is a kind of Genomelink K20. I could see that almost everyone who has Western European ancestry takes, in percentage values ​​that have, at least, two integer digits, the ethnicities Northwest European, Italian, and Iberian, in addition to always taking the Near East and Dravidian, in addition to the traditional North African for Center- South and Southwest Europe. I believe that in order to try to understand the results in individual level, it would be necessary a comparative analysis with other results of other people who have similar ethnically origins, otherwise we are left in the air. I can only imagine that they consider the ancestral chromosomal fragments that always appear in everyone's chromosomes and that were labeled by assigning them a nomenclature that would refer to a hypothetical common geographic origin (same space-time). It makes sense when one intends to link health problems that are more (or less) frequent according to the individual's ethnicity (its origin, local or mixed and how miscegenation occurred at the chromosomal level).
The results I got in the free analysis seem to use a different algorithm, although they have the same geographic bias.

This is my free result:
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From 42% (Free analysis) of Northwestern Europe to 34.6% (XGMix), it reduced by 7.4%.
Following the same logic XGMix would reduce my NWE to 44.6%, which is still a high value.
Of course the reduction would not be so linear.

In fact, the 34.6% NWE (XGMix) you have is not far off your K47 (Celtic+Germanic) 30.45%.
And your values for Iberia 21.3% (XGMix) are also not far from the 19.82% (North + East Iberian) for K47.
In fact, the 34.6% NWE (XGMix) you have is not far off your K47 (Celtic+Germanic) 30.45%.
And your values for Iberia 21.3% (XGMix) are also not far from the 19.82% (North + East Iberian) for K47.

Yes Tautalus. That analysis is correct. The results presented by the two algorithms, in this example, are within the same order of magnitude.
My Results were:

Northwestern Europe: 58.2%

Iberian: 12.5%

Balkan: 11.5%

Italian: 8.1%

Eastern: European: 2.5%

Near East: 2.1%

Scandinavian: 1.2%

Dravidian: 0.8%

North African: 0.1%

Native Peoples of North America: 0.1%

Other European: 2.9%

Thanks to user Zhumer, he converted my eurogenes k36 to g25 coords and here are the results:

Target: qh777_simulated_g25_scaled
Distance: 1.0494% / 0.01049400 | R5P

37.4 Irish_simulated
20.4 German_Bavaria_Lower-Middle_Franconia_simulated
19.0 Scottish_Gaidhealtachd_simulated
14.6 Spanish_Castilla-La_Mancha_simulated
8.6 French_Brittany_simulated

Ancestry, 23&Me, and MyHeritage do not assign any Iberian and Italian but other admix calculators do with similar percentages like Genomelink.


Genomelink is ass. Doesn't work for Eastern Euros
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Genomelink is ass. Doesn't work for Eastern Euros
The paid global ancestry is better but still a bit questionable. The question I need answered is if the ancient sample matches one gets are accurate. It’s also limited where one can’t upload multiple files. I deleted my v4 23&Me file and uploaded my merged and I don’t think it recognized it.

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