How tolerant are you ?

Next to which kind of neighbours wouldn't you like to live (choose all that apply)

  • Political Extremists

    Votes: 29 43.3%
  • Homosexuals

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • People with AIDS

    Votes: 8 11.9%
  • Drug-addicts

    Votes: 49 73.1%
  • Emotionally unstable people

    Votes: 31 46.3%
  • Heavy drinkers

    Votes: 34 50.7%
  • Noisy people

    Votes: 51 76.1%
  • People with a criminal record

    Votes: 35 52.2%
  • People of a different race

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I don't mind any of these

    Votes: 5 7.5%

  • Total voters
My brother lived next door to a drug addict once. He came round saying the monkeys in the tree outside were trying to get him. He also threw things out the window to scare the monkeys away. Scary stuff.
None of the following.

People with AIDS (sorry, it just doesn't feel safe)
Emotionally unstable people
Heavy drinkers
Noisy people
People with a criminal record
I am very tolerant, but I guess the one kind of person I would never get on with would be a noisy person. I can have enough trouble falling asleep, a noisy person would not help at all.

Political extremists don't bother me too much. We get the Uyoku driving by here once every two days, but other than that, they are entitled to their extremisms.

I've lived with drug-addicts in a back-packers hostel. The only fear I truly have with them is that they will freak (never seen one freak though), a minor one would be having things stolen to be hocked. But then, I really don't have much that can be hocked.

Emotionally unstable people were my neighbors in my hometown. Lots of yelling, some crying, and yet, they were somehow lovable at the same time, even if the guy came over with a hatchet cause he thought we had intentionally injured a cat (we neither intentionally nor accidently harmed the cat, my roomate had simply named the cat Limpy, cause that's the way he came to us when he adopted us as his family).

Heavy drinkers are for the most part alright, so long as they can be reasonably quiet when I'm going to bed. The ultimate party animal who cared none at all for the neighbors would get to me though.

Lastly, people with a criminal record, I guess it would depend on the criminal record. No skinners of any kind would be acceptable. Murderers, well depends on the kind of murderer. Same with people with assault records, it really depends on just how they assaulted. Otherwise, I can't think of any other criminals that would bother me were they to live near.
well... I cannot tollerate: noisy people, junkies, alchoolic, criminals.
it wouldnt really bother me as long as they kept there space or didnt bother me...
Hmmm, same here. It depends on the people. I mean, there's no law of nature which says that all drug addicts, criminals, heavy drinkers and emotionally unstable people are bound to be noisy, obnoxious and constantly attempting to steal your stuff. I've known and lived near quite a range of the listed (obviously not for many, many years due to my age, but in some pretty ****** place), and they range in unputtableupnesswith as much as everyone else does. Some make a nuisance of themselves and others don't.

Noisy neighbours don't bother me a great deal as I seem to have a kind of inbuilt selective deafness. If music is really rhythmic, it's fine for me to sleep to up until quite a loud volume. Having said that, I've never suffered neighbours who play music/TV literally so loud that the walls shake - that would piss me off. Loud shouting and/or barking dogs/crying babies at unearthly hours don't really get to me.

What is annoying is if you have neighbours who constantly pick on you, e.g. vandalising your house/garden, knock-and-run kids, throwing things at the windows, peering through the windows, hanging out outside yelling things... etc. etc. :eek:kashii: I'm quite an easy-going person, but these things bug me because if you're not careful they start to impinge on the way you live your life. And why the hell should I let other people's behaviour dictate mine? :eek:kashii: I'm damned if I'm going to cringe in my den like a mouse! :angryfire:

Political extremists could be annoying as neighbours, I guess, if they kept constantly buttonholing you and talking for ages about their views.
Revenant said it all really. I hate noise, but the other things would only bother me if they directly affected my life.
Kinsao said:
What is annoying is if you have neighbours who constantly pick on you, e.g. vandalising your house/garden, knock-and-run kids, throwing things at the windows, peering through the windows, hanging out outside yelling things... etc. etc.

That's what guns are made for - or buckets of boiling oil if you don't have a licence (but you need a balcony :relief: ). The idea is to prevent them from doing it again, so you don't have to kill them (as long as they are permanently disabled). That also orks for Jehova's Witnesses. :D
Well, I only checked "Political Extremists" and "Drug Addicts".

With just about anything else the potential for noise is about the only problem--and I like noisy nieghbors because then they can't complain when I turm my sound system up to ROCK CONCERT VOLUME!!!! to drown them out. :122:

But political extremists and drug addicts pose a potential danger to me the other groups don't:

1: They're more likely to bring the cops by.

In my town, that is a bad thing--it's best if the cops don't know you live here.

2: Their situations make them more likely to come over and cause me trouble directly.

A polical extremist may decide to show up on my doorstep and try to win me over to their way of thinking--once they realize thay can't do that, there could be real problems.

Similarly, drug addicts are likely to either ask me for money or rob me for it--also certain drugs *cough*heroin*cough* can in fact make a person bahave like a sociopath when they're on them--and that's a whole mess of trouble I don't need.

There's also the whole "meth lab + accident = smoking crater where your neighborhood used to be" issue.
Well my parents moved to where we are now from lake havasu because they didnt like the city or people there. Since the move, its been terrible for me, but they love it. Its ruined them fianacially.

For example, my neighbors to the left of me are annoying me, as are the people left of them. For one, the people directly left of me, the father who is a mechanics completely ignores me. I wave to him, he looks away, ignores me and is plan rude. The other day, inf act, I waved to him while he was in my car, he looked at me, and didnt'e ven bother to wave back!

The neighbors left to him, have a duaghter who is 14 (Im 17) we both really like videog ames, and her mother bragged about how much her daughter got for christmas. Got a feeling though they don't want me around her or something, everytime I go there there's an excuse she's 'not available'.
Well, if I had children, I guess I would be more intolerant towards paedophiles.
I think im a fairly tolerant person, in my time I have lived with:
Emotionally unstable people
Heavy drinkers
Noisy people
People with a criminal record
not sure if I lived with anybody with AIDS, but that would be the one thing out of all the above that would bother me the least.
Also I have lived in the country and the city, so I can adapt really easily to where I sleep, been homeless sleeping on the beach before too... so while im still single, I dont care where I live.
Ultimately of course it would be nice to live in a nice neighborhood.
I feel for our neighbors in the house I first lived in Auckland, that was the house with an 'ecclectic mix' of people.
There were drug addicts there, but they kept it to themselves, also there were criminals, but nothing of mine ever went missing, and we never even locked the door, also another time I lived in the worst street in the area, well known for criminals and gangs, thats when I saw that they dont tend to hit their area, because they would be the first suspects, so that was actually the safest place I lived.
At the end of the day, as long as they dont do anything to me (im not bothered by noise) I dont mind, because generally most people are rather nice.
Hello ^^

I opted on selecting the following:
1. Political Extremists ---- opinion clashes are not usually good and depending on how extreme the person, great difficulties may arise in living conditions and the like. More to say, but I don't know how to word it properly.
2. Drug Addicts ---- may cause a dangerous area to live in, unsafe surroundings; your neighbour(s) may be violent and can cause harm to you. I have more I could say on this, but I can not find the right words to express myself further.
3. Heavy Drinkers ---- capable of causing problems within the community you're residing in, can be violent and may get into trouble which can lead to paranoia. I know heavy drinkers (relatives or close friends of the family) and they'rre not necessarily the best to be around, especially when they've had too much to drink.
4. Criminal Record ---- I do not live in a very safe part of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), and quite often there are shoot outs and the like very close to where I live. I would feel uneasy living in a neigbour-like proximity to a person with a criminal record, I would be paranoid (as I am now, which is ridiculous), and liable to isolating myself within where I live.

*cough* Sorry if I'm interupting anything. :sorry:
i chose ..
Drug-addicts - they do almost anything.! it's horrible
Emotionally unstable people - just the extreme ones..
Heavy drinkers - not necessary, my neighbour is quite a heavy drinker too and he's alright. but those who lost all sense of rational thinking and starts abusing people comes to mind somehow, so i chose this too.. :sick:
Noisy people - it's especially irritating when the neighbours are being really loud in the middle of night. :eek:kashii: no consideration at all for those who has to get up early the next day. it has happened many times and it makes me really mad
People with a criminal record - only applies to people with serious offense i guess. living next to a person who once did something dreadful is scary.
- 91% for drug addicts
- 82% for political extremists
- 77% for people with AIDS
- 69% for homosexuals
- 62% for emotionally unstable people
- 58% for heavy drinkers
- 50% for criminal record holders
- 11% for people of a different race

Political extremist, hmm that can mean racists, no I won't want to live next to people like that, they might bother us.

People with AIDS, yes that sounds scary.

Homosexuals don't bother me that much as long as they keep their bedroom business in their apartment.

Emotionally unstable people can be aggravating because they may come to bother you for money or other things and if they threaten to do something like kill themselves that would be a hassle too.

Heavy drinkers can be dangerous, people do all sorts of silly things when they are drunk, I can get sexually harass by people like this.

Criminal record holders is a big concern, I could be his/her next victim.

People of a different race don?ft bother me at all, unless something from their culture offends me, like bothering me without good reasons; fight loudly in the middle of the night...etc which can be annoying. I actually live in a building with 2 families of Turks, one black guy who is married to a white women the rest is white French. My neighbours are fine.
Emotionally unstable people
Heavy drinkers
Noisy people

I am a pretty tolerant person. But to think about it, I would dislike all of the above.

I really wouldn't want to live next to a drug addict. They may have a meth lab, and could blow up. They may have syringes laying around (which has happened in the past) which someone could step on, or a child might pick it up. They may do other drugs that may not require any lab or syringe, but drugs are something that I can't tolerate.

The cops may frequently visit to check up on them, or random people would show up to do drugs with them. It's not a fun environment to be around IMO.

Emotionally Unstable people are usually loud, and there are always fights. Also, if your leaves seem to be on their side, they will most likely freak out on you.

Heavy Drinkers are not fun. I had a heavy drinker for a while, and everytime he got drunk he beat his wife. We called the police on him so many times. They too are also loud, and it's just not an ideal thing to deal with.

and of course Noisy People. Heavy Drinkers are usually loud like I mentioned above. But most Noisy People are unaware of there behavior. So complaining might do more harm than good. I also just love the sound of: Nothing, Birds, the wind blowing through the trees. Having Noisy neighbors would just ruin all of that.

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