Imbeciles attack artwork


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The moron who wrote this article should be ashamed of funding this stupidity. I think Van Gogh, who cut off his own ear, had more sense than these people.

I fund climate activism – and I applaud the Van Gogh protest | Aileen Getty | The Guardian


If all of the protests involved these people setting themselves on fire instead of vandalizing art, then I too would send them money...

Getty oil fortune heiress helped fund climate activists who have targeted artworks and museums (

This woman should be arrested for funding what is essentially terrorism.

Probably will not happen, because there seems to be a different set of rules for the elite than for the common man.

These sanctimonious rubes are literally disfiguring themselves in the process of doing all this. Why doesn't she herself commit these crimes, rather than hiding behind her money?
Exactly. And these are usually young kinds, I am not sure about the legislations in the different countries in the EU but probably they will get would get away with hooliganism or something like that (spilling jugs of milk ,screaming about "plant based future"...rupturing the tires of semis and trailers, trending now in UK)...while somebody high enough is disbursing the funds for "activism" and bails.

I hope our "protestors" do not glue themselves to the propellers of the wind park , I'd be a horror... Looks like a bad joke, but:

Just looking at these protestors, you can tell they suffer from mental illness. Frankly, I don't care if they are mentally ill. If I saw someone trying to destroy a culturally significant work of art, I would be instinctually compelled to attack them and give them a volley of haymakers to the head, while their hands are glued down. But I bet you I would be the one to go to prison, and not the person destroying the art. That's how the liberal justice system works. But you know what, I wouldn't care in that moment, because it would be my satisfaction.

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