Iranic words in European languages.

Now as comparison Turkish

beyaz (loanword)white
karra(Arabic loan)black/dark
mavi (arabic loanword)blue
kirmizi (arabic loanword)red

ak (native Turkic)white
kara (native Turkic)black/dark
gök (native Turkic)blue
al (native Turkic)red
sari (native Turkic; but shares
similarities to East Iranian)

See for example kara (>black<) which is not of Arabic origin.
Proto-Turkic: kara >black<


  • West Oghuz:
    • Azeri: qara
    • Gagauz: kara
    • Turkish: kara
  • East Oghuz
    • Turkmen: gara
  • West Kipchak
    • Crimean Tatar: qara
    • Karachay-Balkar: къара (qara)
    • Kumyk: къара (qara)
  • North Kipchak:
    • Bashkir: кара (qara)
    • Tatar: кара (qara)
  • South Kipchak
    • Khazak: қара (qara)
    • Kyrgyz: кара (kara)
    • Nogai: кара (qara)
  • Karluk:
    • West:
      • Uzbek: qora
    • East:
      • Old Turkic: kara
      • Uyghur: قارا (qara)
  • Siberian:
    • North Siberian
      • Dolgan: кара
      • Yakut: xара (xara)
    • South Siberian
      • Yenisei Turkic
        • Shor: қара (qara)
      • Altai:
  • Southern Altai: кара (qara)
    • Oghur:
      • Chuvash: хура (hura)

It might be a hybridization of Iranic and Turkic ( as we know many Words in Turkic are hybridizations of Iranic and Altaic words). Maybe Kur is Iranic for hil/mountain while Gan Altaic for Grave?

Or gan/an might come from typical ending for Iranic terms.
Kur can have different meaning in Turkic, it can mean hill, mountain, fortress and it can mean protection. -gan is just a suffix (with a soft -ĝ-). I don't think it can be applied to Iranism.

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