Kuwaiti celebrity blasted for keeping a "slave"


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This brainless idiot obsessed with her looks and make-up, (meanwhile, she's botoxed to he max, has colored lenses, and the photo has been air-brushed to the max and probably they've "bleached" her skin, too) has so little self-awareness that she went on line to complain about a law that says she can't keep her Filipino maid's passport, and has to give her one day off a week. :annoyed:

If I had her in front of me I'd want to punch her right in her plastic surgery altered nose.

That this goes on in this day and age is an outrage and infuriating.

Someone commented that it's not unusual in some third world countries for rich adults to never have shaved themselves or washed their own hair.

Oh, what I'd give to send them all off to something like Marine boot camp.

She's lucky she doesn't live here. An Iranian couple were arrested for keeping their maid in a closet off the kitchen for sleeping, feeding her scraps, and beating her. They threw the literal book at them, and eventually they went to prison. They should have been deported as well. I don't care how educated or rich they were. Disgusting.
Oh the "traditional" Muslim sense of "modesty" never fails to amaze me: loads of makeup, botox, cosmetic surgery, fake colored lenses, photoshopping, egocentric profile in Instagram, okay, that's totally fine; keeping a slave within your home, exploiting some miserable immigrant away from his/her homeland, why not?, that won't make you an immodest woman... but hey, don't forget to wear your abayas and your hijab all over your hair and bosom, otherwise you're a shameless, vain woman without any modesty. LOL!
Looks like there was even some after shoot repairs too....
We forgot the collagen injected lips, and probably hair extensions too. :) How can a man run his fingers through your hair if underneath it's all metal clips or whatever?

God knows what her appearance would be if like some of us she just took a five minute shower, put some tinted moisturizer on her face, a dab of neutral eye shadow, maybe liner, some mascara, and lip gloss. And that's a heavy make-up day. If it takes more than five minutes or so it's not getting done. I've even cut the blow drying down to ten minutes with the right hair cut.

If so many women, even young women, didn't have such appalling diets and didn't wear so much make up in the first place, maybe they'd have clear, poreless skin that doesn't have to be covered up with a half inch of glop.

Sometimes I wonder what on earth some men must think when one morning they wake up and see that carefully altered face stripped and bare. Not to mention the fact that the nose and lips, and maybe nowadays even chin or cheekbones that your spouse thought were unattractive are going to show up in your children.

All of that nonsense is what women like this obsess about, and since it takes hours and hours, obviously we need a maid to take care of us and doubtless a housekeeper and cook too. Why? God must have decreed it that way, right?
My niece is in her 2nd year of plastics residency, I admire her desire to be there. She wants to work with children without borders, but said she will have to earn the money to do that with botox and facelifts. She is a hoot.
My niece is in her 2nd year of plastics residency, I admire her desire to be there. She wants to work with children without borders, but said she will have to earn the money to do that with botox and facelifts. She is a hoot.

I'm not free of vanity either, Wheal, and if I hadn't taken care of my skin, avoided the sun, and my genetics were such that at a relatively young age I was heavily wrinkled or my face was sagging because of lack of collagen, I might consider botox etc. too, even more so if my profession demanded that I look very young, as is the case with actresses.

It's just that now young women are getting botox, and massively altering their looks. If the end result was attractive it might even make some sense to me, but honestly, I think women who have had all these procedures look hideous and as if they all came out of a mold.

Apropos of that, I just saw an article about Kimberly Guilfoyle having perhaps been let go from Fox because of sexual misconduct. Sorry if this is politically incorrect, but I always thought she looked like a man in drag. Now she looks like an old man with a petrified face. Still, I'm perhaps in a minority: she's dating Donald Trump Jr. and they're soon to be engaged (it will be her third), all while his divorce is not yet final. I'll never understand men: his wife is lovely looking and seems devastated.

They really should come up with something for the neck: it's always a dead give away. :) Yes, I admit it: I dislike her, and more so now that I discover that all the while she was acting coy and offended by sexual references and vulgarity on the show she was showing off pictures of men's genitalia, presumably her lovers, and abusing the staff who had to work with her. It's the same kind of narcissistic, inhumane behavior as that highlighted in the OP.


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