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I sent an email to the customer support asking why I did not receive the subclade for my Y-DNA Haplogroup. They gave this response but I don't fully understand it. Can someone help me? If my sample was "low quality or small" how where they able to find my mtDNA subclade?

When you look at the Haplogroup that has been assigned to you its important to know that the detail of the results will depend on which of the markers that we test for are positive for your DNA sample. If the sample is of low quality or small it may not be possible for a particular marker that you're expecting to be tested as positive.​

Each company will select markers based on certain criteria and so may be able to deliver differing calls. The markers on our custom Orion chip have been chosen to provide better representation in a wider range of global populations allowing us to give results to a wider section of people.​

We have included roughly 20,000 SNP locations on the Y chromosome, and over 4,000 SNP locations on your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).​

But even with all those markers being included it may mean that there are a few cases we are not able to assign a subclade or take you as far in to the tree as you may expect. In these cases we will assign the relevant branch in your Haplogroup only.​

In order for us to be able to provide more information we would need to re design our chip. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to start such a large project. We are always working to improve the information we offer for our customers and will be delivering updates to the service, so it may be something that we look at over the coming years.​
What they're saying is that you belong to a very rare subclade, one they do not test for or that has yet to be discovered.

I don't think LivingDNA gives you the raw data for your Y results (negative matches), so you can't independently verify their findings.

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