Mmm...I love watching Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson getting pwn3d.

jesus christ... that was embarasing...

"hi, we're the silly gits that have no idea what's going on around us."

"there's alot of dogsledding"?
I mean... if atleast it had just been him being ignorant.. but it wasn't.. he was just being a total arse.
And this is one of the guys deciding what's happening in your country?

not to mention that chick... "they're lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent" or "they speak French!" (with disgust in her voice).

these people shouldn't be allowed in politics. No other democratic country that I've heard of have jerks using kids slander as a way of debating... it's childish! a country run by little kids..

I expected them to yell "I know you are, but what am I!?" at any second when the opposing debater brought up facts.

let's just say that didn't exactly make me think any higher of the current governing party in America.

Please, someone pro-Bush, tell me it wasn't because of inane stuff like this you voted for him...
one theory is that since everything is based upon ratings, and there is nothing better to inflame people than irresponsible, non-accountable accusations and insinuations about the "other" people or nations when you can talk about them behind their backs, that you can eventually brainwash certain gullible factions of society into believing that what is said must be true because it is said over and over again (kind of like some religious mantras and phrases) that you get people to stop thinking for themselves.
With each successive generation trained and engineered to not think but to just follow, you can create human sheep that will do anything you want. This shouldn't come as a surprise, since look at N. Korea...
If you starve the poorer less educated and informed portion of your nation and keep feeding them propaganda, they will come to believe what you say because it is their only hope to survive.
But then again, I know nothing, so you shouldn't agree with what I say... :D
in one of my english classes, we cheked up some of he bibliography in one of Ann Coulter's books, and it was fudged. Crazy lying radical.
it was actually my professor's but ill try to look for the hand out and see if i can still find it
Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are the empitome of Arrogant American Ignoramuses. Wow, to denounce a country or group of people, and make very uneducated and illogical statements is a horrendous thing to be doing. The Media that we have here in the US needs to be cracked down on, because many of these sources are not very accurate as well as extremely biased. The quality of Commentators is at an all time low, and so there needs to be some hardcore restructuring. That is very naive saying that Canada is dependent on the US, but the US isn't dependent on them. If Canada were to totally cut us off, then that would hurt the US a great deal, because without energy, raw materials, and support, the US would be worse off.

Their points of view are very illogical, and they shouldn't have the rights to pawn their opinons off as facts over the televison, radio, and books, because that is just plain irresponsible.....and you wonder why their is so much hate going on in this country, these type of commentators are throwing fuel on the fire of hatred with their ludicrous points of view. Yeah, sure controversy is good for ratings, but this message of hatred and blatant disrespect for different groups is very unnecessary. I believe in the freedom of speech, but once you start trying to place an opinion as being a fact then I do disagree with letting these people spout off illogical ramblings and consider them factual.

I really don't think I should get into this as it angers me to no end. I'll end up wasting tons of time typing, so I wont. This is really just another reason I am proud to be a Liberal. I will however make sure to show this to every Conservative Canadian I know. I mean really, do these people want people to hate America?
Too bad not all people in America can distinguish between fact and opinion. These arrogant people, be it that they are looking for ratings use this tone to gain propularity without thinking of the consequences of their actions. The media should be more vigilant in what they broadcast. I believe in freedom of speech, but to have people voice out opinions which are troublesome or hurtfull without looking at the facts could be deemed as irresponsible broadcasting. I'm sure majority of Americas population would not condone these statements but there are a few who don't know better.

Sorry I just had to say that.

even more naive to think the greater American Ignorant group will change their format as long as high powered executives in the media branches keep getting high ratings and their constituent advertisers are allowed to get high paying spots on the radio, newspapers and TV massively feeding their stuff to the brainwashed folks...if you really want to restructure and change the opinions and marketing of American news, hit it where it really hurts, by going after the advertisers of the particular stations that support and sponsor the idiots you don't like...tell them your displeasure and your refusal to pay for such idiocy, and it is amazing how fast things get pulled off the shelves and from the tv, radio, etc....
just talking about it in forums and complaining about how others should change is not you buy your products and your services is a greater part of how the business arena runs, and the media is a business...all it takes are a bunch of "conservative/liberal" groups that no longer appreciate ignorance in their midst to not waste time protesting in the streets (that's a "news" item that gets attention, but rarely effects change of a meaningful manner to the networks and radio stations) as has been shown from the past decade...real change comes from cutting off trade and sanctioning companies that produce and sponsor idiocy, and by cutting off their lifeline of money, they listen very quickly to the will of their buyers...and once the high level executives get fewer bonuses and their bottom line shrivels, they awake up and finally realize their position is in danger...then they effect change, if it isn't already too late...

why play fair? kick them hard where it really hurts...sure other innocent people will get knocked down, too, in the crossfire of jobs, but sometimes the greater good takes some sacrificing in order to achieve.....

go check out the people and companies that sponsor our favorite "so-called conservative" idiots and begin the grassroots campaign through the internet of boycotting products that sponsor don't want to kill the companies off, just want them to learn they are no longer safe in allowing idiocy to prevail....

the times are why not you? :D work behind the scenes...and let chaos or order reign free... :D
Too bad simply not watching doesn't work. I can't believe that any sane person would say those things as if they were legitimate. The whole thing is pretty disgusting. :sick::mad:
oh, but they are's all to get irk people enough to watch it...or to bring out closet case liberals and conservatives...very clever marketing...for getting dumb people to watch it and either agree or get angry over people laugh and observe who are the sheep in their midst, and learn to avoid them...and hopefully find a large ark to ship them off to some other planet...oops that's already happened, via hitchhiker's guide... LOL :D
OMG, this is the most f***ed up thing ii've seen. It's just crazy, just insane. I can't beleive people like this walk the earth. I been to canada, no offense, but waaay better than the US.
Honestly, I never saw people needing nice white jackets with sleeves on the back more than these f*cktards :sick:
With this braindead tripe on the US TV all the time, no wonder enough people were brainwashed into voting for Bush :eek:kashii:
I wish someone would b***h slap her live along with that idiot tucker carlso and his freekin weird boe tie things,
such animosity over television personalities...they should be taken with a view of how funny they are...some decades or centuries in the future they will look back on this era and see how madness reigned at the beginning of the 21st century :D

shouldn't take TV personalities seriously anyway.... :D
Ann Coulter is a perfect exemplification of what modern commentary has blossomed into. Her claims on Canada were ignorant and very childish, America cannot think they are the world, no matter what circumstance and start eliminating any allies, trading partners, etc., it is foolish and that illogical fashion of thinking would just do in the country in the long run.

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