News New L618 positive CTS1975 negative samples (-V13)

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The E-M35 project on FamilyTreeDNA shows 3 new samples that are positive for L618 and negative for it's only descendent CTS1975. They are from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iraq and I believe they are all due to family finder's new SNP testing. Their markers don't indicate any very recent clustering but without deeper testing we won't know exactly.
Great catch!
CTS1975 should be tested with FF assignment, so that's very interesting indeed. Kind of makes the spread with Anatolian farmers - which was the most likely option anyway, all the more likely.

Probably one could tell that FTDNA, they sometimes test such interesting samples, get in touch with them. Of course, its not as exciting for most people as a split for E-M35 or the like, but still.
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Update: There is also a new Georgian sample which is CTS1975 positive and V13 negative on the E-M35 project. Combined with the previous Armenian and Azeri sample these become very interesting.

If anyone is knowledge about previous studies that might have had E-M78* samples from the Caucasus they could very well be L618+. I will try to search from old studies.

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