Origin of Y-haplogroup subclade S21/U106

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Maciamo, you mention that the high concentration of S21/U106 around Austria hints that it could have originated there in the Hallstatt period.
Do you know what the proportion of this subclade is in Bavaria compared to the other R1b subclades in that region?
Roy-check out this link:

David Weston is of the opinion (and I agree) that the U106 polymorphism likely first appeared in Scandinavia,and from there was taken westward and southward.

There is a sharp difference in DYS390 repeat values,depending on where you look.
In the West,and especially The Netherlands,U106's usually have 23 repeats at DYS390.

In the North/Northeast,the values tend to be higher-24 appears to be the baseline,with upward mutations also being very common.

My repeat value there is 25.

We also have an R1b-U106 Walk The Y project for U-106's that are Negative for L48.
We suspect there may well be a SNP or two that will define new subclades in U106.

Here is the new group for L48-(negative):

And here is the group for L48+(positive):
Origins of Y-Haplogroup U106

Thanks for the information Gary.
I found your reply by a chance search on google, my thread was moved off the forum after only a short period.

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