Questions on my Y-DNA Haplogroup T

Maybe the Benedetto’s from Gioia del Colle and Faeto were related.
The married woman's town is the surname of my nonna materna.

could be

marriage with schilberg occurred in foggia circa 1880ish...............maybe the line was in bari with older brother , they moved, had another brother in foggia, then later generations ( 100 years later ) had the marriage with the womans family moving north
found out where I link with the Benedetto ydna....but makes no sense unless a sister and brother married a sister and brother

Michael Benedetto b.1861 faeto foggia ..married a Lana Guarnier ........whose father moved there in 1840 ( i presume to escape austrian rule in Veneto )................the father's father comes from Domenico Gaurnier b. 1783 in Trevignano ( then Luigi Gaurnier ) , Veneto ..............which my paternal line was from from 1688 to 1744 before moving to current place.

I will look at Montebelluna and Volpago del Montello pre-1688 to make sure it is not there
latest change in Yfull for myself
T-SK1480* ...........................asterix = dead line
Terminal SNPs: SK1480 • Y325131
ftdna has me as Y79536 ..................yfull has me positive for this snp , but does not use it
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yfull still not updated

it took Yfull 1 year ( after ftdna ) to implement SK1480
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Jacob George Frush who belonged to the Pennsylvania line of Froschauer. Jacob's father was George Frush. Jacob George, called George, was born in Maryland and found in the War of 1812 out of Annapolis, Maryland. By 1820 he went to Belmont County, Ohio, then to Warsaw, Indiana, and finally to Goshen, Indiana, where he married Rachel Watts Taylor in 1832.

Grandfather was, Hans Georg Froschauer was associated at Schwarzenau in Hesse, west of Kassel and north of Marburg.

related to ............Hans FROESCH in Edenkoben, which lies halfway between Meckenheim and Landau.
Andreas Pfalzgraf who lived near Bergzabern in the area west of Erlenbach and that there is a mountain nearby named "Bichtenberg." This area lies west-southwest of Landau, just lightly northwest of Dahn and somewhat southeast of Pirmasens. ..................who minimized their surname to Graf in the 20th century.

modern main line appears near Evangeliche Kirche der Pfalz Zentralarchiv Speyer, Germany

an ancestor from the Graf line is .... Catharina GRAF, daughter of Hans Adam GRAF and Katrina . Catharina was born about 1705 in Lichtenberg Bie Landau, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany. She died in 1770/1771 in Maryland

Goerg Frush original surname of his father could be Conrad Frasher ( oldest record dated 1686 ) and wife Sibylla Christina Kuntz
Another professional who noted my origins as from
Circassian-Balkar, North Caucasus in ancient times

2012 was the first to note this ...........DNATribes ......followed by Nat Geno 2 years later and now another
latest from snp tracker august 2023

after Yfull snp matches.............the only STR matches are with

Nicolas Vironet, b. 1818, Mons, Belgium, d. 1874, Jumet, Belgium
Mieczysław Prokowski, b. 1925

T2T ,,,my results

凯尔特人 Celtic: 17.90%
东欧 East-Euro: 13.13%
西地中海 West-Med: 12.11%
北海日耳曼 North-Sea-Germanic: 9.46%
斯堪的纳维亚-日耳曼 Scando-Germanic: 7.24%
北伊比利亚 North-Iberian: 7.06%
东地中海 East-Med: 6.90%
中地中海 Central-Med: 6.07%
古巴尔干 Paleo-Balkan: 5.85%
伊朗 Iranian: 4.71%
南高加索 South-Caucasian: 4.15%

They have found more snp beyond what Ftdna has for me

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