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I was thinking of putting this in the geek area, but it does affect a lot of people, so here it is:
taken from lockergnome

VIRUS: Self-Inflicted Sasser

The current worm-o-the-week, Sasser, is making the rounds in the usual effective manner, and as with the Blaster outbreak, Microsoft has issued a removal tool to help clean things up. I have a huge problem with this thing, though. Apparently, the tool is crippled in such a way that it will not function on pirated copies of Windows XP. No, I can't say that I've tested this, seeing as how I don't have any pirated copies, but I've seen references to the issue around the Web.

Am I supporting piracy? Not on your life! However, a reality check will reveal that piracy is going to happen regardless of whether Microsoft likes it or not. It's a part of the software business, I'm afraid. Of the potentially millions of illegitimate systems running, how many do you suppose are infected with Sasser? Probably enough to make it a significant issue. How can Microsoft justify allowing their product, and it is still their software, regardless of licensing arrangements, to remain infected, and posing a threat to legitimate licensees? I simply do not understand the warped logic in this. In fact, I call it negligent.

Microsoft has taken steps to disallow patching of these pirated systems, and quite frankly, I don't care if such machines are taken over and abused heavily. Ya gets what ya pays for. But, that does not excuse allowing these cretins to be a threat to the rest of the online society. Be on the lookout for Logic, which has escaped Redmond, and is to be considered armed and dangerous. Film at eleven. :eek:kashii:
Exactly. It only works on the genuine versions. This stresses purchasing the genuine versions, instead of the pirated copies. :)
That's really stupid because these viruses use the infected computer as a host to attack other computers, including DDoS attacks.

As a paying customer, I would want Microsoft to be committed to stamping out viruses wherever they exist, instead of playing stupid games like this.

It's because of BS like this that I will not be buying another PC when my Pentium II laptop finally becomes obselete. I'll be getting a Mac. Hopefully the G5 Powerbook will be out by then.

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