Republicans file suit for encouraging people to vote

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I read this in today's newspaper... The Republicans are apparently getting desperate now. They filed a suit againt Michael More now, reason: he encouraged university students to vote! :haihai:
He did not tell them to vote anyone specific, just to vote at all! Supposedly, he even should have offered potato chips and instant noodles to them if they vote! :D
The Republicans realized that this is a serious threat and could avoid being re-elected because the university students are too clever and see through all the Republican lies and propaganda, so they filed a suit against Michael Moore now.
"Opens people eys and and get kicked in the ass when your not looking"

Pooor Moore :relief:
I like Moore, but in this case I think the Republicans may have something on him.

According to the election law, people are banned from contracting with others to vote in exchange for something of value. It doesn't specify that you are contracting to vote for a specific candidate, just that you are agreeing to vote. Moore was getting people to pledge to vote (a verbal contract) in exchange for gag prizes like a years supply of potato chips and new underwear (which do have value, albeit small), so I believe he may in fact have broken the law.

Of course it was just a gag, but it kind of bothers me. Moore has been harping on about how the Republicans were playing fast and loose with Florida's election laws in 2000 (and I agree with him there), but here he is apparently violating the voting laws in a swing state just before a presidential election himself. Seeems pretty hypocritical to me.
I must say I could barely stand watching his movies, but I never thought he might have been breaking the law with them. Especially surprising because of the topics he included in the movie.
Again, I reiterate:

Why is this so surprising?
Look at it this way, if you're playing a game of cards, and no one's cheating, it's a game of skill.
Next, someone starts cheating, so normal skills are meaningless.
But what if everyone decided to cheat? Wouldn't the winner then be whoever could cheat the best? So, who ever is the most skilled at cheating wins?

Sadly, I think that's the way things have become now. Unless we re-institute certain election laws, it's always going to be that way. I said re-institute because, believe it or not, laws were passed along time ago to keep the game fair. They're just no longer enforced.

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