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I have recently noticed the practice of a few members (LinaInverse, RockLee, Escaflowe, TimF, etc.) to beg for rep points, or exchange favours with their some accomplices.

Let me tell you frankly that I find this unacceptable and against the principles of the reputation system. In fact, I should give negative reputation to all members having participated in these acts of corruption and back scratching, but maybe the rules had not been stated clearly before, so I will abstain this time.

If I do find anyone continuing their unfair trade of rep points (and all admins and moderators have the capability to view any users's reputation comments and who it comes from), I will not hesitate to penalise them (at worst I could reset their rep. to zero). No need to become paranoiac, however. Only give points when a post (not your relation with the other user) deserves it.

So when should you give reputation to someone ?

Reputation is made to reward good members for their participation. I recommend all of you not to be stingy on reputation votes and approve any message that :

- answered your question, gave your relevant information or made you learn something interesting
- was well-written or funny enough to deserve recognition
- express exactly what was in your mind (i.e. agree completely)

However, I do not think that jokes or articles copied and pasted from other sites deserve any reputation points, however good they are. Personal contribution is what matters.

Use the "disapprove" option only when you judge someone's behaviour unacceptable, rude, disrespectful or for spammers. Admins and moderators can also use it to "punish" unruly behaviour or people breaking the forum rules.
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Beg for Reputation points!?!? As in my sig? I have had that since this was started. I don't believe i have ever asked for a reputation point?? I might have commented to other people that "Wow Frank had like 6 balls I can't wait for mine to grow that large" Its not implying that i'm begging for points. But i understand what your talking about.

Its going out of my sig today. :souka:
Alright, Esca. I remember your signature saying "GIVE REPUTATION WHERE NEEDED" in big light blue fonts.

As for the proofs, you rep. comments say (just a selection) :
you want it? YOU GOT IT! /TwistedMac

Thanks for the points and I agree. I love the sig. Buddha Smoker.

Lol Okok Here's some points from the Dreamer :p

Either because of your sig. or because of agreement with these users (which explains why they actually mention their name).
It wasn't by any agreement. I'm going to look for these points. :souka:

[Edit] I went and searched for the Reputation post thread and that thing was gone. Well since you have the points which post did it come from? And they mention thier name because everybody mentions thier names when they give points. This is insane....i'm againts the whol points system now.
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I earned my reputation points. BOOYAH. By the way if any of you see this post, what is up with the new age thing showing. I dislike that. And if you wanna know my age check the profile.
Arrr..busted XD...well...Not that I really care tho :)
I agree that the whole rep point system has become too exaggerated...

I will from now on (28 September 2004, time: 9pm in Denmark) follow the rules and give points to people who truly deserve them. :)
What? What happened to my reputation points?
It says that I have disabled reputation points. I was away from the forum for a few days and found that out today.

Could anyone explain it to me? Thanks.

Never mind.
They just came back up as soon as I posted.
I also have a 'disabled reputation' :D Made me think I was so so baaaad and then I saw someone with red colored reputation... Can somebody tell me what I did (or didn't do)?? :?
A new feature was recently added that allows members to choose whether they want to display their reputation images on their posts. I guess by default (or chosen) that everyone's reputation is to not be displayed by default. If you want it shown, you can change it in your control panel options.


Excuse me but I've just joined JREF days ago and still don't know exactly what "reputation" is and how it works.

1. Does it cost anything to give others reputation?
2. How to add specified points, eg. 20 points, to others' reputation?
3. Can I retrieve the original post to which others' points were added? (It seems that only the corresponding thread page can be located)
4. What's the benefits of a high reputation? (Except for showing off)

Thanks in advance.
Reputation points are points given to a person for a good post.
If you wish to give someone points, you simple click on the weighing scale located next to the triangle with the exclamation point in it.

I don't know #3
#4 People will believe you more, or look at your post because you have a lot of rep points.

Sometimes people abused the rep system, sometimes people just gave others negative points, sometimes people gave themselves points.

After that some people went to the no rep system.

I like no rep because people won't think of you in a negative way.
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Thanks Genecks!
Then how to know others' reputation?
And, can anyone kindly answer my 1st, 2nd and 3rd questions above?

btw: Genecks, your avatar is cool!!
Thank you bossel for you kind help~~~
Fantastic! I had no idea these things existed! I thought those little colored things were some kind of post count!

Oh boy! Now I've shown my ignorance, my reputation is going to plummet!
Silverpoint said:
I thought those little colored things were some kind of post count !
To be totally honest, that was exactly what I was thinking *post counts* till only two-three months ago... I'm really not sure when I understood for sure. :p
Oh boy! Now I've shown my ignorance, my reputation is going to plummet !
I believe people get bad reps when they do not know their ignorance, so instead of asking or listening, go on to push it on others. THAT's when things get really bad. :(
You are innocent by all standards. :biggrin:
I'm sorry to interrupt you all,,

I'm still confused,,is the "Reputation Points" symbolizes in green-tiny-square that shown in under the avatar??

Yep. The more positive rep you get the more green dots you get. If it is black, it means that the person has disabled their rep. If it is red it means that the person has had more negative rep than positive. I have never seen more than two red dots. You only really go into red dots when you start to really annoy most of the members on the forum.
Hope this helps :)

EDIT: Tell a lie, someone has made it to three red dots. A first as far as I know
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