Robot, anyone?! New technological revolution is near.

New addition to Boston Dynamics family:
Interesting presentation of recent works by Boston Dynamics.
Boston Dynamics impresses again.

Toyota presented its new T-HR3 robot, which is getting increasingly like a human in its abilities and dexterity. It can feel the objects it manipulates, so as not to apply too much pressure. It is designed to carry, for example, elderly people in homes, without hurting them.

Its range of movement allows it to play almost any sport. It demonstrates here its moves for basement, football and karate, among others.

Humanoid robots are becoming agile enough to do push-ups and play sports.


Each and every footstep towards robotics-and- automation is to bring ease for humans in doing jobs. Especially the repetitive jobs.

So far companies and manufacturers around the globe has come up with different genesis of ROBOTS, for different purposes.
Robots will help humans to complete the most dangerous jobs with ease. Mining, excavations, Border patrolling along the most dangerous international borders, etc. are some areas where we can use robots for the easiness of human.

Usage of robots will reduce the victims or casualities from unexpected accidents from the work sites.

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