Romans: the most cruel and most barbaric nation ever existed

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No the senate and the Democracy are Indo European inventions. Even Vikings had them too.

Fetaeaters like you simply got lucky to live next to advanced MENA groups and copied everything from them including the Alphabet from the Phoenicians.

And Romans and other Italians got lucky living next to Greeks.
UK has the advantage to be an English speaking country so it attracts the best students and scientists from the whole world.

What about all the BRITISH inventions and Nobel Prizes.

The Italian education system is rubbish.
Yeah sure British and Italian scores on PISA tests are basically the same, so our education system is not so rubbish after all.

The Greeks are still claiming Archimedes as one of them.

Just to show how much desperate they have become.
Southern Italy has very poor PISA scores.

The fact remains that Italy is poor in science and invention.

In antiquity the Romans were heavily dependent on Greek culture
Read your Virgil and Vegetius.
Archimedes WAS Greek not a native Sicilian.
Southern Italy scores better than Greece on the PISA test.

Another thing is that the UK had the industrial revolution 100 years before Italy because of:

1. Centralized government.

2. Lack of Catholic Church.

3. Colonial Empire and Atlantic trade.
Heavily dependent on what?

The whole world has been heavily dependent on our culture for the last 2000 years.

Read some books.
Heavily dependent on what?

The whole world has been heavily dependent on our culture for the last 2000 years.

Read some books.

What culture do you mean?

Greco-Levantine Byzantine or Germanic Longobard and Frankish or Arabic and Norman in Sicily?

The best and most impressive Romanesque archiecture was in Germany,France and Northern Spain.
Gothic architecture was Northern French in origin.
The (mainly Florentine)art and sculpture had classical Greek and Byzantine roots.

And so on and so on.
Stick to your Italic Roots propaganda for you have done little serious reading.

What are you babbling about?

In the 1400-1950 period only UK, France and Germany have done better than us.

If they had included everything before 1400 (Etruscans, Magna Graecia, Roman Empire, Renaissance, Humanism, Norman kingdom...), we would be the first in the World. :bored:

Education is an evolutionary process that has started many thousands of years ago and excelled through time through various situations and innovations very often combined with economic factors environmental and social needs through a general changing acceptable way of thinking at particular point of time, all contributing to more advanced societies. Others will soak it up and even add more to it as the education evolutionary history shows. It dose not seem that its going to stop here either and so be it.

What is a fact today might be history tomorrow. No point in bragging over current situations visa vi, what happened 200 years ago to what might be in 200 years time. Example some East Asian nations are already outsmarting other traditional renowned education systems world wide. That is the world for you..........
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Archimedes WAS Greek not a native Sicilian.
The Greeks of Magna Grecia identifies themselves as Italiotes or Siceliotes and most of them were mixed with the local Italic population. In the biggest cities of Magna Grecia like Siracusa,Agrigento,Crotone,Taranto,Cuma lived both ethnicities, the Greeks called Gomorroi and the Italic called Killikirioi.
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